Ilze Henderson loves the Lord with all her heart and loves to dive into the Word of God and discover all the intricate gems that the Lord presents to us through it.

She also loves sharing this with others and does it with the Holy Spirit leading her heart.

She has the following topics that can be purchased as an mp3 directly from her. It does not matter where in the world you live. Please contact her directly if you wish to purchase an mp3 at She currently has the following available:

1. The Rapture - It is a two part series on the imminent Rapture, based solely on the reliable Word of God!

The Rapture Part One

The Rapture Part Two

2. The seven Temples of God - God revealed to Ilze directly through His Word the seven Temples that He has. So many lessons are learned through this two part series, making it a very exciting teaching to listen to.

The seven Temples of God Part One

The seven Temples of God Part Two

3. Interesting facts about the Gospels - Ilze reveals very interesting fact about the Gospels that many Christians do not know. This teaching will make you very excited to read the Gospels for yourself and to learn more. Cost -  R65/$3.99

4. The Hebrew meaning of Shalom and Salvation - In this very exciting teaching Ilze has a look at the Hebrew of two of the most powerful words in the Scriptures, namely Shalom and Salvation. She explains powerful truths hidden within through revelation received directly from God. Cost - R65/$3.99

5. Where do we go to when we die - Ilze explains in this teaching where believers and unbelievers went to when they died in the Old Testament as well as where do they go today when they die under the New Covenant. Cost - R65/$3.99

6. The New Covenant - Ilze digs into some interesting aspects of what she found to be true in the New Testament after her latest book: The New Covenant. She also provides a summary of the New Testament based on her in depth study of every single verse in the New Testament. It will help to cement in the deeper principles of what Jesus came to give each of us.

7. There is so much more - Ilze presents a powerful message from God after watching the movie, The Croods:

8. Everything is beautiful in its time - Ilze shares that God has happy moments everyday in store for us:

9. Your life is beautiful - Ilze shares that our lives can be beautiful, the choice is ours:

10. Message for 2021 - Ilze shares what God has placed in her heart for 2021:

11. Keep me in the moment - Ilze shares what God has placed on her heart 468 days into the lockdown:





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