Ilze Henderson loves the Lord with all her heart and loves to dive into the Word of God and discover all the intricate gems that the Lord presents to us through it.

She also loves sharing this with others and does it with the Holy Spirit leading her heart.

She has the following topics that can be downloaded free of charge below. Please contact her directly if you rather wish to purchase a CD:

1. The Bride of Christ

2. The Rapture

3. Where is God during our suffering? - Here Ilze looks Biblically at God's presence during sufferings and how He reaches out to those in need.

4. Is God in control or is the devil in control? - This question triggered Ilze after she read John 14:30 where Jesus calls the devil the prince of this world. She then wondered, if the devil is the prince of this world, how much power does he have and where does that leave us? What is our position in this world and how does God influence events happening in this world if the devil is the prince of this world? This CD is a must for all striving to be victorious Christians in this world.

5. Where do we go to when we die? - Here Ilze explains in detail where the Old Testament people went to when they died as well as where New Testament people go to when they die. She also explains the three different homes of those who believe. It is exciting to listen to and will give all Christians the hope of a much better tomorrow.


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Where is God during our sufferings

The Rapture

God vs Satan

Bride of Christ

Where do we go to when we die