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At Shalom Coaching Ilze Henderson helps you to get back to a place in your life as God ordained it to be. She will be your thought and accountability partner on this beautiful pathway called life.

Different types of coaching:

Mandate coaching -

In two sessions Ilze helps you to discover your purpose in this life. She helps you to hear from God what your specific calling, your mandate in life is. This has the potential to alter your life and to help you handle difficult situations with much more ease. These sessions also include prophetic word received from God just for you. Ilze will present a document to you outlining your mandate, your calling. This will truly help you on your road ahead. These sessions can be either face to face or per Whatsapp call. So no matter where you live in the world, this exciting new step in your life is only a phone call away.

Prophetic coaching -

In two sessions Ilze provides a beautiful picture from Above as to the way God sees you. She conveys visions from Above and helps you to see past current circumstances to the way God sees them. She provides hope and helps you through coaching to ignite your own soul in order to find your way onto God's ordained pathway for your life.

Prophetic coaching for kids -

In one session come with your child to Ilze and obtain a fresh view of how God sees him/her and have a fresh hope of their future in Christ.

Prophetic coaching for businesses -

Ilze helps businesses to look at their current circumstances from a different perspective. She facilitates the process of seeing God's plan for the business and to move forward with renewed courage.

mBraining coaching -

Connect, align and utilize the incredible power of your three neural-networks (brains), your head, heart and gut. This leads to personal empowerment and life mastery resulting in making good relationship, career, business, health and many other decisions.

Timeline coaching -

Get rid of limiting beliefs hindering you from walking the life that God had planned for you. You don't have to be a prisoner of your negative emotions any longer. Be freed from all emotions hindering you from walking in the fullness of God.

Lifecoaching -

Come if you simply want clarity as to the way forward for you. Life coaching encompasses anything going on in your life currently and will help you find your pathway again as to the way forward for you. Anyone serious about personal development and the decisions lying before them need to have a life coach. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off and who will be your accountability partner in walking this road with God.

Coaching sessions can be in person, over Skype or a Whatsapp call. So it doesn't matter where in the world you find yourself, you are welcome to contact Ilze Henderson at:

+27 82 563 5673 or


There's no words to describe my precious session with Ilze…except, that it was a Heavenly experience! 
The moment I entered the room, I felt completely relaxed and at peace.
I give all glory to our God for His perfect plan for my life.
Thank you Ilze, for your guidance and direction. Your wisdom and insight inspire me to run with the vision He has given to me.


I really enjoyed the session with Ilze. The way she handled the session was professional and there was genuine care and rapport. She is so authentic and managed to connect with me on a level that made me feel at ease to be myself and she genuinely touched my life in a way that words can't describe. Thank you Ilze.


Ilze, as a Neurocoach, is a very sincere professional who takes the time to get to know her coachee. She is committed and sincere with a very authentic approach. Ilze made a difference. She can impact many and help them find their true potential. May this journey be a blessed and rewarding one.


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