53. People after God's heart

This morning the Lord reminded me of His genealogy in Matthew 1. As I paged towards it I noticed in the genealogy of Jesus that five women were mentioned. Normally they only name the men as the origin of the man determines the tribe to who the Jew belongs to, but here in Matthew, five women were also mentioned. This tells me that this must be significant, so come let's take a quick look at these five interesting women.

First of all Tamar is mentioned. Now Tamar was the daughter in law of Judah. She was married to his son Er, but when his son Er died, he gave her in marriage to his second son Onan as was the custom of the day. But Onan also died and Judah was supposed to give Tamar to his youngest son, Shelah, but he was scared that Shelah would also die, so he told Tamar he will let her know when Shelah was old enough to marry her, but he never did. When Tamar realized that her father in law was not going to honor the custom of the day, she dressed herself as a prostitute and tricked Judah into sleeping with her, without him realizing who she was. She became pregnant with two sons, one of which was Perez, a predecessor of Jesus. She later revealed her identity to Judah and he admitted that he was in the wrong by not allowing her to have children by his son Shelah.

The second woman was Rahab. She was a prostitute in Jericho and she helped the spies of Israel escape when the leaders of Jericho came to kill them. She and her family were the only ones who escaped the massacre of Jericho. She joined the Israelites and she married Salmon, a descendant of Judah.

Next in line is Ruth. She was a Moabite woman, who married an Israelite, but when he died she left her own country and went to Israel, a foreign land to her, to care after her mother in law. There the Lord blessed her due to her faithfulness and gave her hand in marriage to Boaz, a rich farmer.

Then we all know Bathsheba. She was the one David committed adultery with. She became pregnant due to their lustful act and in the process her husband were murdered and her baby died. Later she became the mother of King Solomon, who is one of the most famous amongst Jesus' ancestors.

Then we come to Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was a lovely girl, a woman after God's heart, but she wasn't one of the 'important' people in town, she wasn't royalty and she wasn't the daughter of a high ranking Jewish official of some sort. No, she even calls herself 'a lowly servant girl'.

So in summary, we have a trickster, a prostitute, a foreigner, an adulterer and a servant girl as part of Jesus lineage. Wow, if I were to decide my own ancestry I would certainly have chosen more noble characters! But that is just the point; God doesn't look at people the way we look at them. He looks at the heart and He knows what we can become. All of these women have one thing in common, despite their background; they stood up and did the right thing when God led them to. They submitted themselves to God's plan and formed part of the 'big picture' even though some of them never knew they did.

God also has a role for us to play in His bigger plan. He wants to use each and every one of us no matter our background or seemingly weaknesses that we have. He wants to channel our energies into the right direction and wants to use the unique gifts He gave to each of us for His honor.

God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways. God has the ability to change us from the inside out and to let His Spirit shine out for all to see. We should just be willing vessels that He can use for His Glory. It is an exciting journey and sometimes you won't even see the outcome and effect your life had, but one day you will and God will praise you for following Him and doing His Will. At the end of the day, that is all that matters; a loving Father proud of His children and what they have accomplished for Him.

Father, please help each and every one of us to follow You with devoted hearts, hearts overflowing with joy and love. Help us to reach out to those in need and to follow You wherever You may lead us. In Jesus Name. Amen

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    No matter who we are and what we are,God is always good all the time.

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