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6. Listen only to God's Voice

Last week we learned that we should focus on how big our God is and not how big our giants are. He is mighty to save and as we look up at Him at all times, our giants will simply pale in comparison. And that is the start of victory!

Okay, so last week we saw that Goliath came every day and challenged the forces of Israel. And Saul and his entire army were greatly afraid. And this was where David entered the scene.

He was still at home tending the sheep, and not at the battle field. Three of his older brothers were there. So David's father, Jesse, sent David to take dried grain and ten loaves to his brothers, as well as ten cheeses for the captain of their thousands. Jesse also wanted news from them and wanted to know how they were doing. So David went and as he arrived at the battle field he left the supplies with the supply keeper and joined his brothers. There he also saw Goliath and heard what he said. He also heard about the reward for the person who killed Goliath. David started asking around and notice how his brother, Eliab, reacted:

"Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle." 1 Samuel 17:28

And notice how David reacts:

"What have I done now?" 1 Samuel 17:29

It was clear from this interaction that there was not a lot of love lost between the brothers. Eliab wanted to degrade David. He knew that he was anointed to be king and yet he wanted to humiliate him. Notice the word 'few' that he uses. He wanted to degrade the work that David was doing. He wanted him to think he was worth nothing. And the way David reacted suggests that this was not the first time that his brother looked down on him and scoffed at him.

But did this stop David? No. The Bible says he continued asking about Goliath. So much so that Saul heard of it and sent for him.

Now we can learn from this. When God places something on our hearts, we shouldn't stop even if people ridicule us and call us names. When we have the conviction to do something, we must continue with it and not allow other people's opinions to sway us. This made me think of Noah as well. He was ridiculed and scoffed at on a daily basis for years. Yet he had the conviction to build the ark and he continued to do so and his act of obedience saved his and his family's lives.

If you know in your heart that you must do something, you must do it. Do not allow the fickle opinions of others to sway you. Stand up and continue with what God has told you to do. At the end of the day, only His opinion matters and you would have obtained a big victory for His Kingdom. People are so easily influenced; do not allow that to happen to you. You have His Spirit inside of you and you can hear His voice. Follow that voice and let all other voices disappear. Can you imagine if David allowed his brother to sway him with his comments? He would never have become king. No, David knew who he was in God and he hated the fact that Goliath was defying his mighty, living God. He stood up for God and for what is right and the rest is history.

Father, help us to close our ears to the dooming voices of others. Speak to us loud and clear. We want to follow You and You only. You are our Lord and King, glory on high! Amen

5. Do not fear the giants

Last term we learned that we must do our best on the journey to where God is leading us. He will use the experience that we gained on our life's journey to glorify His Name and to build His Kingdom.

And one of the ways that God helped David to gain even more experience was with his famous encounter with Goliath. This encounter was recorded right after stating that David was playing the harp for Saul. This displays that God helped David to learn how to be a king inside the castle and how to be a king on the outside, fighting wars.

Now most of you know this story off by heart. But just to shortly recap. The Philistines gathered their armies together for battle against the Israelites. The armies stood facing one another, each on a mountain with a valley between them. Then every day Goliath, a giant 3metres tall, will come and challenge the Israelite army:

"Choose a man for yourselves, and let him come down to me. If he is able to fight with me and kill me, then we will be your servants. But if I prevail against him and kill him, then you shall be our servants and serve us." 1 Samuel 17:9

And the Bible records the reaction of Saul and the Israelites:

"When Saul and all of Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid." 1 Samuel 17:11

They were greatly afraid. They lost sight of the mighty God that they serve and were greatly afraid of a 'giant' of 3metres tall. Against their God Goliath was puny, a small ant, but when they lost sight of God, and how mighty and how great He was, Goliath was a giant to them.

Doesn't this happen to us as well? I have seen myself faced with many giants and I was greatly afraid of them. I looked at them from an earthly perspective and I didn't know how I was going to defeat them. And I must be honest, I prayed over all these situations, but somehow I still lost sight of how awesome, big and great our God was. It was only when God tugged at my heart strings and showed me how great, loving and absolutely sovereign He is that I obtained perspective again. It was then that the giant that I faced started to fade in comparison. Time spent with Him, growing by feeding on His Word, made me stronger and stronger, growing bit by bit into the fullness of Christ as the Bible urges us to. Jesus opened up the way for us to become like Him on earth, because He lives in us and through us! And when we realize the full impact of Him living IN us, we can face any giant and they will need to retreat!

Poor Saul and the Israeli army didn't have His mighty Spirit living in them as we do. We have a huge advantage over them and we need to start using it. Jesus came to open up the way for us to access unlimited power. But He is not going to force it on us, we need to use it.

What giants are you facing today? See how God is mightier than them all, see how powerful He is, how big, how Almighty and then look again at your giant with different eyes. We are more than conquerors through Jesus that gives us the strength we need! No giant should taunt us! We are children of the Most High God.

Thank you Father that You are almighty, big, powerful and without equal. Thank you that You are by our side!! We praise You and glorify Your mighty Name! Thank you that we never need to fear giants in our lives. Amen

4. Do your best right where you are

Last week we saw how God looks totally different than us. He looks at the heart, a willingness to serve Him and to follow Him wholeheartedly!

Samuel anointed David in front of his brothers and the Word clearly states that:

"…the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward." 1 Samuel 16:13

And the very next verse the opposite was displayed:

"But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him." 1 Samuel 16:14

God came upon David and left Saul. Fortunately this cannot happen to us today, as His Holy Spirit has come mightily to this earth and into our hearts to stay. But here in the Old Testament, God placed His Spirit upon His leaders, and in His eyes David was the leader now.

This happened instantaneously as David was anointed. Then Saul's servants (I believe by the hand of the Lord) suggested that Saul get someone to play harp for him in order to calm him down and have the distressing spirit depart. And of course they suggested that he gets David to play the harp for him. David came and the Bible tells us that Saul loved him greatly and that when David played the harp:

"And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him." 1 Samuel 16:23

God used David to help Saul, even though Saul didn't truly have a heart for God. And how wonderful that God brought David right into the throne room of the King. And from there he could learn all the ways of a king. He could learn how the household works, how the army functioned, how the king conducts himself, how to run a kingdom. He could learn all of that whilst he was still too young to be king himself. God opened the way for him.

Today also God prepares us for what lies ahead. Sometimes we wonder how on earth is what I am doing now going to help me later? But when we walk on the pathway God ordained for us, everything will work out for our good. All the experience that we obtain will help us later in our lives. It will assist us to be better than what we would have been if we had rushed into things.

I can't help but wonder what went on inside of David's head. He was anointed to be king and yet he didn't know when or how that was going to happen. And suddenly he is summoned to play harp for the king. I really wonder what he must have thought. But what I can gather from the Word, his actions were exemplary. Even though he was not yet king as he was anointed to be, he did his work, playing the harp, to the best of his ability. He didn't question God, but performed the task at hand to his utmost best.

We can learn from that. We don't know the future and what lies ahead, but we can do the best we can right there where we are now, trusting that God knows best. We must trust His timing. He will lead and guide us to where we need to be. And then we can use the experience we obtained whilst in the 'waiting room'. Do your best where you are, do not be grumpy, complaining to God. Rather accept your circumstances, with your hope focused on God, doing your best and listening to Him for guidance. Then you cannot go wrong and your experience gained will stand you in good stead in the end.

Father we love Your plan for our lives. We want to hear Your voice loud and clear as to the way forward. Please lead us with Your divine guidance. We know that You know best. Thank you for the opportunity to gain experience, we will do our best. Amen

3. Your David moment

Last week we saw that God wants 100% commitment to Him. King Saul, the first king of Israel was unfortunately not 100% committed to God and therefore God chose another king for Israel. He then sent Samuel to go to Bethlehem and to anoint a new king for Him there. God gave him specific instructions saying that he should have a sacrifice there and that he should invite Jesse and his sons. Samuel was 100% obedient and he went and followed God's instructions.

Jesse and his sons came and Samuel looked at each of them. His first reaction was that Eliab must be the new chosen king. But God's reaction is so beautiful to me:

"Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

God looks so differently than us, and yet today we can also look as He does, because we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). We simply need to let go of our ego who wants to look out of the world's glasses and take a hold of His Spirit and see as He sees!

Samuel stayed obedient and asked that Jesse call his other sons too. One by one they walked past, but God didn't choose any of them. It was only when Samuel asked whether all of Jesse's sons were there that Jesse actually thought of David. David was out tending the sheep and his father didn't even think to invite him. But when Samuel asked that he be sent, he came and was anointed the moment he walked in, right there in front of his brothers and father. Can you imagine how shocked Jesse and his sons must have been? David was the youngest and in their eyes the least likely to be anointed and yet this was what happened.

Today we must realize that God works in wonderful ways. He doesn't look at this world as most of us do. He looks at the heart and He sees potential. Can you imagine how David must have felt? He wasn't even invited to this party. He was looked down upon because he was the youngest and yet he was the one being anointed.

Maybe you also feel like David sometimes. You might feel that you are not as good-looking as the rest, or you don't have the same talents that the others have or you are always last to receive any promotion or any acclaim. You might feel as if God has overlooked you when it came to gifts and that God is 'talking' to everyone except you. You might feel as if you are 'only looking after the sheep' and not doing something important for God. But that is where you have it wrong. God doesn't look that way. He looks at our willingness, our hearts dedicated to Him, and once He sees that, your David moment will come. God is so pleased when He sees a heart willing to serve Him. He is so pleased when He sees that we want to obey Him wholeheartedly. He will honor that. He will use you. Maybe not with worldly acclaim accompanying it, but He will use you mightily for His Kingdom.

Just be patient. Be obedient in the small things that God has placed on your path right now. Rejoice in what He wants you to do right now, and do it to the best of your ability. God sees your heart and before long your David moment will come. He will honor you and lift you unto a new plain of influence. Once again not as you would think in the world, but on a spiritual level second to none. Look forward to it whilst 'tending your sheep'. Your time will come.

Father we look forward to our David moment. Thank you that we can know that You know what is best for us and what will work for us. We trust You inexplicitly with our lives and we want to be obedient right there where we are. Show us the way Lord! In Jesus' Name. Amen


2. Be 100% obedient

Today we are officially starting with our series on David. Now to start off I would just like to give a little bit of background as to where we are in the wonderful Biblical account of God's people.

The Israelites under the leadership of Joshua was led into the Promised Land. They drove out the inhabitants of the land, but unfortunately true to human nature, they weren't 100% obedient to God. They left a few of the inhabitants and didn't drive them all out. These people became a thorn in their sides and led them away from God. God tried to turn their hearts towards Him again, but they wouldn't listen. Then He allowed armies of the inhabitants that they didn't drive out to conquer them. They then cried out to God and time and again He sent Judges to rescue them. This happened so many times. It is actually a very sad tale to read.

Then the last judge to rule over them was Samuel. And when he grew older the people didn't like his sons, they didn't have the same integrity and love for God as Samuel himself. So they demanded to have a king. Samuel didn't want to anoint them a king, because he knew that God was their King looking after them, but they wouldn't listen. At the end God told Samuel to go forth even though they were rejecting Him as their King. He gave them last warnings about what a king would do to them, but they wouldn't listen. They still demanded a king. So God led Samuel to anoint Saul as their first king. He was a handsome man, standing head and shoulders above everyone else. But despite that, he had a low self-image and this cost him in the end.

Saul started out well and God was with him. But he wasn't 100% committed to God. He followed Him 90% of the way, because the moment the people pressured him, he gave in to their demands and forsook the word of the Lord. He deviated by 10% and that cost him his kingship. I am not going to go into detail on that right now. The point is he wanted to follow God, but he wanted to please the people as well due to his low self-image. He compromised and God couldn't honor that. So God then sent Samuel to anoint a new king for Israel, namely David. It took a long while for David to actually become king after he was anointed, and during that time of waiting Saul still reigned. We will have a look at that.

For now I want us to learn from the history of Israel. They obeyed God in driving out the inhabitants, but they weren't 100% obedient and left some of them to live. Saul also weren't 100% obedient. He followed the voice of the Lord, but only to a point and then he deviated just a little bit and that cost him. From these examples I think it is fair to say that God wants our 100% commitment. He wants us sold out for Him. He wants us to follow Him 100%. He doesn't like lukewarm commitment. He clearly states in Revelation 3:16 that He will spew out of His mouth those that are lukewarm. God wants us on fire for Him, living for Him and proclaiming His Name for all to hear.

I have heard people looking at 100% on fire Christians and calling them 'too radical', 'going too far with their religion', but who do you want to be obedient to? Jesus has promised us so many things. He lives within us fully, as we are one Spirit with Him. But we grieve the Holy Spirit when we do not speak up for Him, when we do not follow His Voice speaking to us, when we decide to rather continue with the practices of our ungodly friends, when we treat Him as our 'ticket to heaven' and that is it. Jesus wants to manifest through us to a lost world with His grace, He wants to use our hands and feet in this world. But He can only fully manifest when we are 100% sold out to Him, when we surrender and allow Him full access.

I know all Christians want Jesus to really manifest through them and bring physical and spiritual healing to all around and to hear His voice loud and clear. All of them want that, but are they prepared to really give up this world and follow Him?

Jesus simply want us to surrender, to really and truly give our lives to Him. Many a times people confess Jesus as their Savior, but they never give their hearts wholly and truly to Him. That is all that He wants. Hearts beating for Him and for who He is. Come on, be 100% sold out to Jesus. Then you will start seeing miracles manifesting to the glory of His Name.

Jesus we love You. We adore You. We want to surrender our will to You 100%. Your ways and not our ways. Lead us Lord Jesus unto Your pathways for our lives and into deeper understanding. We want to honor You in all that we do. We love You. Amen

1. Heir of this world

I was contemplating which series to start next and the Lord placed King David on my heart. If we look at the genealogy of Jesus, two figures stood out and was very important to the Jews, namely Abraham and King David. Abraham was important to the Jews as he is known as the father of the Jews and they knew that the Messiah would be a Jew. And King David was important, as God promised that there will always be a ruler from the house of David and Jesus was the final and permanent Ruler from his house.

We have done a whole series on the life of Abraham and we learned many lessons and now I would like us to do the same with David. I am sure the Lord wants to implant many truths to us through the life of this wonderful man and I for one am excited to learn more.

Now as I've mentioned, Abraham and David were considered essential to the line of the Messiah. Abraham, a righteous man in God's eyes and David, a man after God's own heart. And today because of Jesus we are also part of their lineage.

Let us start with Abraham. Many promises were made to Abraham by God. But the one where God promises that He will be the heir of the world encompasses them all (Romans 4:13). And then God clearly states that we are his descendants:

"Therefore it is of faith, that it might be according to grace, so that the promise might be sure to the seed, not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all." Romans 4:16

Now what does it mean to be heir of the world? Practically for us today? According to thesaurus synonyms for heir is successor, inheritor, beneficiary etc. So heir is someone who is the beneficiary, the one to inherit something. And here God says the world. Wow. Shouldn't that change our whole outlook on life? Shouldn't that make us look differently at worldly success? Just look at a prince being born. He never needs to stress about money, about his protection, about where he wants to live etc. As he is born knowing that everything is his, he will inherit the throne one day. And until then he can enjoy the growing up process, knowing who he is in this world.

We are also called royalty by God. That is why I say we are descendants of David as well. God calls us kings and priests:

"He has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever." Revelation 1:6

So we are kings, royalty who will inherit the whole earth, in other words, everything. And as we have learned in our Kingdom series, we can enjoy those privileges now already. We are part of His Kingdom now already. And we need to walk tall knowing who we are in Him, knowing the privileges that we have and laying claim on them. That is not pride. Pride is thinking that we are better than all the others and that we don't need anyone in our lives. We are not prideful if we walk as God's children, royalty, with all the promises in Heaven given unto us. That is walking in the grace that has been bestowed upon us. I know many people feel that they need to be humble and think of themselves as being lowly and not worth much. But God called Moses the most humble person on earth and once he led the Israelites out he knew who he was in God and he stood up for that. All he did was to glorify God by declaring his dependence on Him.

Today God wants us to know that all He has is ours. He wants us to stop stressing about this world and to start walking this pathway with Him. He wants us to lay claim on what is ours and to trust Him on our pathway with Him. David did just that. So for the next couple of months we will learn valuable life lessons from him, inspired by the Holy Spirit. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

Father we are so excited to hear once again that we are heirs of this world; we are royalty, part of Your glorious Kingdom. This gives us so much hope for this world. Glory on High! Teach us Your wisdom through this series; we look forward to hearing from You. We love You. Amen

96. God's unearned favor

I am the God of Grace. Do you truly realize what that means? If you did, you will stop trying so hard and give over to Me. Grace flows when you stop trying. Grace is what I give to you, without you deserving it, it is My unmerited favour. None of you deserve by your own merit to enter into the Kingdom of God, but through grace I made it possible for you. Your sinful nature made it impossible for you to enter into My glorious Presence, but I made it all possible for you, through the death of My Son, Jesus Christ. That is why He is the only way, the truth and the life, without Him there is no access. Your sinful nature cannot make it on its own, but Jesus came and took the punishment for your sins, so that you can live in the newness of life that comes from Him and Him alone. And in that new life, there is plenty of grace and you can enter into My Presence without spot or blemish.

I have always been full of grace towards mankind. I could have wiped out the whole human race from the face of the earth with the flood, but in My grace I saved eight people and would have saved more if the others repented in the years that I gave them before the flood. By My grace I saved Lot and his family from the fire raining down on Sodom and Gomorrah, and I would have saved more if they had listened to Lot's plea. By My grace I didn't destroy the whole Jewish nation when they rebelled against Me in the wilderness, I continued to love them and care for them. By My grace I allowed a remnant to return to Jerusalem after their exile into captivity, I helped them to rebuild the Temple and I helped them to settle in their city once again. And My biggest act of grace was when I opened up the doors to heaven for all to enter in, through the death of My Son.

Grace is what I am blessing you with. I am giving you in abundance what you do not deserve, but I give it to you because I love you. Hold on to My grace. Stop trying to earn your way into heaven. Stop trying to do good deeds simply to get into 'My good books'. Stop thinking that I am punishing you for your sins, stop feeling guilty of sins you have done in the past. When you feel this way you do not understand how grace works. Grace loves all and forgives all. Grace flows in abundance and is there to overwhelm you. Grace is free and without prescribed actions. I am filled with grace.

Grace was My master plan for the human race filled with the tendency to sin. Without grace you would have been lost forever, doomed to die. Without grace there would have been no hope. Your sinful nature could never keep My Law, you couldn't even come close. My Law showed you how desperate your situation truly is. My Law showed how far away you have ventured from My perfect nature. No human being could ever keep My Law, inside and out. However, in My grace I provided a way for the Israelites, My people, to atone for their sins through sacrifices at the altar. I provided a way for them to be forgiven. I showed them the sacrifice of My Son; I showed them the way out of this sinful world. But even that provision My people threw back in My face. They became religious and never truly repented. My perfect Law therefore signed their death sentence, as no judge can let anyone free due to their trespasses of My Law. But the Judge of all judges came and He came to sign off on the Law and to free all who believe in Him. He came to rescue all trapped in sin and He gave them a new nature, a spirit connected with Mine, free from this world, belonging to Me.

Therefore live in this grace. Get up in the mornings and praise Me that I freed you from sin's death door. No matter what is going on in your life, be full of song and praise that you are free. You are free to live in grace, free to be part of a new world, where love and grace abides.

Stop trying, and get to the end of yourself. Because when you get to the end of yourself, you can finally let go and allow Me to take over. That is the point where true life starts. That is the point where you become who you truly are. That is the point where My Spirit takes over and leads you into everlasting life. Then you start transforming your mind, from being carnal to being Spiritual. And when you start living your life being controlled by the Spirit, you will find that you please Me in every way. You will find righteousness as your robe and My works in you become complete. Surrender My child and give Me your all. I want the fullness of who I am to flow through you and to touch a world, hungry for Me.

45. True Success

Last week we finished with the series of the Temple. I hope you learned as much as I did. I am so humbled by all the symbolism that has been revealed to me by His Spirit. I am really grateful and I will never read the passages on the Temple in the same way again. It has really opened up many things to me and I see a lot of factors in my life in a totally different light now and it really encouraged me. And I sincerely hope that it has done the same for you too.

Today I want us to have just one last look at the Temple. We have learned that God wants us to let the world in the outer court go. He wants us to cleanse ourselves and to put on the robe of righteousness provided by Christ. Then He wants us to enter in with the New Covenant and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit on a whole new level, and He wants us to fellowship with Jesus as our bread of life. Then He wants our prayers rising up to Him, giving us entrance into the Most Holy Place, where true life resides, into His Throne room where He wants us to live and be.

Now as we've seen earlier in the series we are also the Temple now. We are the representation of the Temple to the world. We are the ones that need to tell people what the Temple is all about. We are the ones that need to explain to others the concept of drawing closer to God. This is such an amazing illustration of all that He has planned for us, of His whole dream for us all.

Are you ready to explain it to others? Are you ready to draw them closer to God? At the end of the day that is our life's purpose. We do not have any others. Our purpose is to draw close to Him and to help other people to do the same. The manner in which we will do this will differ, but our end goal is the same. A truly successful life is one who succeeded in his life's purpose. A successful life according to worldly standards can be a dismal failure in the Kingdom. And also the other way around. An unsuccessful life by worldly standards can be a resounding success in the Kingdom.

God wants us to be successful by His standards. And yes, that can also mean worldly success. But when we are truly focused on being successful by His standards, then worldly success will not mean nearly as much to us as it would have if our focus was only on our own achievements. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. In my life I knew what it was like to be successful and then the Lord took me on a journey to learn that true success is found only in Him and not in this world. It was very difficult for me as I was used to being successful. I rebelled against the path He was taking me on, I cried and I really tried everything in my power to still remain successful in the eyes of the world despite the journey He wanted me to walk on. It was only when He truly brought me to a standstill that He taught me the true value of success. It was only when I opened my eyes and allowed Him to show me that I was amazed. I was truly entering into the Most Holy Place. There is no way to see what is going on in the world when one is there, but it was okay. It was liberating. I marveled at the gems He was showing me, I felt at ease and full of life, I felt physically alive and well. I stopped trying to find a window to see what others were doing, as I was so consumed by what He was working in me. I was so grateful, I felt so rich, I felt so successful, I felt so privileged. And today I can honestly say: 'His will be done'. I know now the richness of His glory for me. I know now that I have an inheritance that surpasses all understanding. I am part of something so much bigger, so much more valuable than earthly acclaim. I am surrounded by a host of witnesses cheering me on. I am part of the royal family with no worries. I am one with the Maker of it all. What more can I ever want?

Leave this world behind and come and enter in. He is waiting with open arms for you. Come.

Father, we love You so much! Thank you for Your amazing plans for our lives. We want to stay close to You. We want to live inside the Most Holy Place, alongside You. There we are safe, loved and cared for. We glorify Your Name! Amen


44. The way to true life

Today I want us to look at the summary of all three parts of the Temple, as well as the meaning of the entrance and then I want us to come to a conclusion when we understand all of it.

Firstly let's have a look at the outer court. The outer court as we saw last week symbolizes that God wants us to sacrifice all that we are. In fact we shouldn't be living anymore, but His Son should be living through us. We should wash ourselves clean from this world, and then put on the robe of righteousness given to us by Christ as a gift. The whole outer court wants us to realize that this world shouldn't be that important to us anymore. Christ is all that matters, His Kingdom and His glory. While in the outer court we should realize that all He wants us to do is to enter into the Temple, into His presence.

Secondly we saw that the entrance revealed that God is saying that we need to walk with Him in agreement in the New Covenant that He has established for us. Alone we are completely deficient, but together with Him we can walk in full dominion. He will look after us and will give us access into His Promised Land where there is prosperity and a wonderful life to be enjoyed.

Thirdly we come to the Holy Place. Here we learned that we are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We can fellowship with God, taking Jesus in as our bread of Life. We can be intimate with God and stand tall in the victory that He has bought for us. We can pray with boldness, with power and victory, knowing that we can enter into the Holy Place because of what Jesus did for us.

Fourthly we enter into the Most Holy Place. We saw that the Most Holy Place represents the New Covenant; it represents our right standing with God because of the blood of Jesus. In the Most Holy Place we are safe. In His presence no evil can befall us. There is true life and life in abundance.

Therefore we can conclude that the whole Temple is telling us the following. We should sacrifice all that we are and wash ourselves clean from this world. We should put on the robe of righteousness given freely to us by Christ and enter into the Temple. As we enter in we are reminded of the New Covenant entered into with us. On our own we cannot accomplish much, but with Him by our side we can walk in full dominion. Inside the Temple we are surrounded by the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can be intimate with God and experience Jesus as our bread of life. We can pray with boldness, with power and victory as we enter into the Most Holy Place. There we are safe, totally stripped of this world and completely surrounded by Him and all that He is. There is life and life more abundantly.

Jesus came to give us life in abundance, it is there for the taking, and we simply need to enter in, to push forward and take what is rightfully ours. He wants to bless us with so much; we simply need to reach out.

So make a conscious decision today to stop living in the outer court, and to move in deeper to claim the life that God wants to bless you with. The time to flirt with this worldly system has come to an end. The time to fly higher has come. God has infinitely more for you. Are you ready?

Father we glorify Your Name! We praise You on high! You are such an amazing God and King! Thank you for all the good plans that You have for us. We are sorry that the worldly system became so important to us; we rather want to live a life close to You! Thank you for showing us the way of life. We love You. Amen




43. Sacrifice this world

Last week we finished off with the Most Holy Place. We learned that we can leave all our worries and cares there, because God cares for us with an affectionate love that cannot be fathomed. He has all our problems safely within His hands. We must just leave it there and trust Him inexplicitly with it.

Today I want us to draw everything together. I want us to start by having a look at what the outer court as a whole meant.

We saw that the altar meant that we must sacrifice our idols.

The Sea symbolized that we must wash ourselves clean from this world. The perfect Trinity wants His children to be formed into His likeness so that they can go into all directions and spread His Kingdom and Word, everywhere, all encompassing. He wants us to be strong. He wants us to resist the urge and the temptations of this world. He wants us to choose Him no matter what the circumstances are. He wants us loyal to Him. He wants us to stand up for Him even though it might not be the popular thing to do. And in this whole process He doesn't want us to worry.

The ten water basins showed us that we are the righteousness (blamelessness) of God IN Christ, not out of our own strength, but through HIM shining and living through us. Out of our own strength we will get tired and drained, but through Him anything is possible! He wants us to stay close to Him, clothed with His righteousness, standing in His victory. There in His presence we are surrounded by mighty power and the ultimate Ruler ship, equipping us for the road ahead. We realize that this is all grace and then (and only then) can we step out and be strong groundbreakers for Him, standing up for what is right, all the way praising His glorious Name and flourishing where we are!

In summary God wants us to sacrifice all that we are. In fact we shouldn't be living anymore, but His Son should live through us. We should wash ourselves clean from this world, and then put on the robe of righteousness given to us by Christ as a gift. The whole outer court wants us to realize that this world shouldn't be that important to us anymore. Christ is all that matters, His Kingdom and His glory. While in the outer court we should realize that all He wants us to do is to enter into the Temple, into His presence. There everything will make sense. There is all wisdom and all the answers to life.

Unfortunately the way of the world is very focused on the outward. The world looks at status, money, fame, fortune, looks and abilities. It doesn't look at the heart. The true fruit of the Spirit is not rewarded and in many regards seen as weakness. But as God says, what the world deems to be weak and futile, is strong in the Spirit. God wants us freed from this worldly system. He wants us to walk on water, all the while looking up at Him. He wants us close to Him, living for a Kingdom so much greater than our own. And when we truly make His Kingdom our primary concern, then all things will be added unto us. God wants us to excel in this world, He wants us to obtain positions where we can influence a lot of people for His sake, but He wants us to do it His way. And His way certainly looks different from this world's way. But His way leads to true and everlasting success. Are you ready?

Spend time this week and honestly look at your life. Are there certain areas you still need to let go, to sacrifice for His Name? Do it this week and walk liberated from this world. Walk freed from the oppression and depression that it brings. True joy can only be found when you truthfully follow Him and His ways. Hallelujah! God is good, always. Stay close to Him.

Father, we want to let go of this world and all its tentacles that it has in our lives. Show us clearly the areas that we haven't fully surrendered to You. We want to follow You and You alone, always and without restraint, or anything holding us back. Thank You that You are faithful and will show us the way. We love You with an everlasting love. Amen