6. Listen only to God's Voice

Last week we learned that we should focus on how big our God is and not how big our giants are. He is mighty to save and as we look up at Him at all times, our giants will simply pale in comparison. And that is the start of victory!

Okay, so last week we saw that Goliath came every day and challenged the forces of Israel. And Saul and his entire army were greatly afraid. And this was where David entered the scene.

He was still at home tending the sheep, and not at the battle field. Three of his older brothers were there. So David's father, Jesse, sent David to take dried grain and ten loaves to his brothers, as well as ten cheeses for the captain of their thousands. Jesse also wanted news from them and wanted to know how they were doing. So David went and as he arrived at the battle field he left the supplies with the supply keeper and joined his brothers. There he also saw Goliath and heard what he said. He also heard about the reward for the person who killed Goliath. David started asking around and notice how his brother, Eliab, reacted:

"Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle." 1 Samuel 17:28

And notice how David reacts:

"What have I done now?" 1 Samuel 17:29

It was clear from this interaction that there was not a lot of love lost between the brothers. Eliab wanted to degrade David. He knew that he was anointed to be king and yet he wanted to humiliate him. Notice the word 'few' that he uses. He wanted to degrade the work that David was doing. He wanted him to think he was worth nothing. And the way David reacted suggests that this was not the first time that his brother looked down on him and scoffed at him.

But did this stop David? No. The Bible says he continued asking about Goliath. So much so that Saul heard of it and sent for him.

Now we can learn from this. When God places something on our hearts, we shouldn't stop even if people ridicule us and call us names. When we have the conviction to do something, we must continue with it and not allow other people's opinions to sway us. This made me think of Noah as well. He was ridiculed and scoffed at on a daily basis for years. Yet he had the conviction to build the ark and he continued to do so and his act of obedience saved his and his family's lives.

If you know in your heart that you must do something, you must do it. Do not allow the fickle opinions of others to sway you. Stand up and continue with what God has told you to do. At the end of the day, only His opinion matters and you would have obtained a big victory for His Kingdom. People are so easily influenced; do not allow that to happen to you. You have His Spirit inside of you and you can hear His voice. Follow that voice and let all other voices disappear. Can you imagine if David allowed his brother to sway him with his comments? He would never have become king. No, David knew who he was in God and he hated the fact that Goliath was defying his mighty, living God. He stood up for God and for what is right and the rest is history.

Father, help us to close our ears to the dooming voices of others. Speak to us loud and clear. We want to follow You and You only. You are our Lord and King, glory on high! Amen

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