14. Trust God's perfect timing

Last week we saw how Saul conspired against David. He wanted him killed and wanted the Philistines to do his dirty work for him. But God was with David and protected him. He even helped him to excel in Saul's request by giving him 100% more than what he asked for. God protected him and really honored David's wise conduct.

Even though Saul failed in this attempt to kill David, he certainly didn't give up. Just in the next chapter Saul told Jonathan and all his servants that he wanted to kill David. Jonathan pleaded with his father not to do it, because he loved David as a brother. Saul agreed, but the minute David was in the same room as Saul, playing harp for him, Saul suddenly hurled a spear at him, trying to pin him to the wall. When that didn't succeed, Saul decided to kill him at night, whilst he was sleeping in his bed. Fortunately David's wife heard about it and helped him to escape through the window and placed an image in his bed pretending that he was sick in order to buy time for him to get away. This helped until Saul demanded that he be killed in his bed, sick or not. That is when he found out that his daughter had tricked him by saving David. Then he sent messengers off in hot pursuit of David. They found David with Samuel at Naioth, and the minute they came there the Spirit of God came upon them and they started prophesying. When Saul heard this, he sent another group, but they started prophesying as well and the third group was no different. Irritated by the turn of events, Saul went himself, but the moment he came there the Spirit of God was upon him also and he started to prophecy too.

The point is; Saul couldn't touch David. He desperately wanted to change God's plans, but he couldn't. God was fighting on behalf of David. Today we might also find ourselves in situations that we feel will never end. We might look around us and wonder how this will ever be resolved. We might have people doing their best to discredit us, we might be on the pathway that we believe that God has ordained for us and yet it might feel as if everything is going against us. One incident after another after another might come our way, trying to get us off God's pathway for our lives. But as David, we should stay firm and trust God.

God didn't take David out of the situation, but He helped him to handle it. He saved him and in the process He taught David many valuable life lessons. I truly believe that David wouldn't have been the great king that he was, if he hadn't gone through all of these situations. God was building his character and preparing him to be the best king that he could be. God was with him every step of the way. And today He is with you too. He knows the best timing for everything to work out as He had planned. Until then He wants us to be conformed into the image of His Son, righteous, holy and true. He wants us to represent Him in every way. And then He wants us to lead people to Him, to lure them closer to Him.

His timing is perfect. We shouldn't look at current circumstances, but up to Him and to where He is leading us to. And at the right time, we will be exalted into our 'royal' position. And from there, we will be able to make a huge difference for His Kingdom.

Father thank you that we can trust Your timing. And that You will look after us in the meantime. Thank you that You will protect us and not allow any evil to prevail against us as we walk this road with You. We love You so much. Amen

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