6. Christmas

What a wonderful time of year! How wonderful to be with your family, be together and celebrate the birth of our Savior. The Lord is so amazing and it is such a great time to simply experience His love and goodness. Whether the timing of our Savior's birth is in December or not, it doesn't really matter, the essence of the matter is that the Lord came to be with us and join us to bring us the Light. It is a time to be with your family and friends and rekindle the love  with one another and with the Lord.

But last week I went to my hairdresser and while they were washing may hair I overheard a conversation between the hairdresser and some of the ladies in the shop. They were discussing the fact that they hate Christmas and this time of year. Some of them even said that if they could sleep through Christmas it would suit them very well. They were not Christians and this whole festive time reminded them of all the sad times in their life. They were either lonely or they hated their family. It was so sad to hear.

And I realized that there were probably millions around the world that hated Christmas too, because they were either lonely, sick, hated their family, felt misunderstood, was too poor to buy gifts for their children, had to work or whatever the case may be. It is actually a very sad time. A sad time because they look at Christmas from a human point of view. They look at Christmas as only a human can, they look at Christmas and see only the failure around them. Failure of the human race.

Christmas is not about the gifts, Christmas is not about how popular you are and how many sms's you receive, it is not about receiving. It is about Jesus. Think about it for a moment, sit still and truly focus in on Him. Christmas is a time to experience His intense love for us. Even if you are alone, Christ is there with you and the greatest gift of all is to experience Him.

Breathe in deeply….breathe out….breathe in….breathe out. He is in the breath, He is in every moment. Close your eyes and imagine Him unfolding His arms around you and giving you a tight hug, because I promise you that is what He wants to do. He wants to be close to you. He wants to be with you. Invite Him in, He would love to have Christmas dinner with you.

We love You Lord, You are our everything. Thank you for the gift of Christmas, thank you for being there and for loving us. You are amazing. Amen

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