21. Help there where you are (2)

I spoke last week of making a difference in someone's life, of helping someone to put them on the right path for their lives. It requires a bit of effort on your side, it requires time, but it is more than worth it. You have helped someone to make something with their lives, instead of leaving them to wallow in the unfairness of life, which never gave them an opportunity. The effect you can make is profound.

Now as I said last week, except for making a big difference in someone's life, you can also be the Body of Christ in various other practical ways. I attended Hillsong's women's conference in April and it was absolutely amazing. The main theme they talked about was exactly this, to make a difference right where you are. Don't worry that you are not a missionary for Christ somewhere, you can make a big difference right where you are. I am going to name a couple of practical examples of how you can reach out, but I promise you that if you make yourself available to God, the opportunities will come knocking on your door!

  1. The next time you are in a queue in your supermarket and you see someone behind you that you can truly see don't have the money to even pay for what they have in their hands, offer to pay for them and let them know that Jesus loves them.
  2. Buy at least one blanket each winter for someone that the Lord points out to you.
  3. Smile at the cashier even though you had to wait quite a while to be helped. Show them that God is in your heart.
  4. Tell people that Jesus loves them. Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Ask your friends for what you can pray for them and then do it. There is a lot of power in prayer.
  6. Stop yourself before you gossip about someone, that is the quickest way of turning someone away from the Lord, the only life-giving Force.
  7. Look something up on the internet for someone who doesn't have access to Internet.
  8. Go and welcome your neighbor that just moved in and try and help him/her to settle into some of the activities in the area you might think they'd be interested in.

Etcetera etcetera, the list is endless, and these are things we can all do, without much effort. We can all reach out and be the moving, living Body of Christ. We can represent Him here on earth. And I know it is difficult, I lost my cool the other day with the cashier, because I waited very long in the queue and my two boys were becoming increasingly difficult, but that is not what the Lord wants from us. He wants us to represent Him. Pray that the Lord would give you the strength to do it, because without the Holy Spirit's help we won't be able to do it.

Lord help us to be Your Body. Help us to represent You the way we should. Give us the strength and Your love in our hearts for other people. In Jesus Name. Amen

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  1. Gravatar of LouinaLouina
    Posted Monday, 17 October 2011 at 10:00:14 AM

    Just what I needed..just a smile at someone can already make a difference. Thankx Ilze

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