27. The body of Christ

The other day I was at a coffee shop with a lovely kiddies play area. My two sons were playing while I was keeping an eye on them. I noticed then that my two year old went over to one of the other kids playing there. He gently took him by the hand and he played with him. They were communicating with one another in a manner that only they understood. Later I heard the mother speaking to the child and I couldn't understand a word. I suspect it was Portuguese. But this didn't matter to my son, he didn't care that the boy was of a different culture and he didn't care that they didn't speak the same language. They understood one another.

This made me think. We can learn so much from the kids, no wonder Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to them! I realized that we are supposed to be the same as them. We are part of the body of believers and we all have the same Holy Spirit inside each of us. We are supposed to easily transcend culture differences, language barriers and age barriers. We are all the same. We are supposed to work together well and we are supposed to build up His Body here on earth. But alas, we find it very difficult it would seem. Look at all the different churches we have!

Another thing that I have found in my own life, is that except for cultural barriers etc, I have also found believers in the body of Christ being jealous of one another. I have stopped for a while to tell people what the Lord is doing in my life, because I get jealous reactions. Like people would say something to the effect of "Well the Lord works in my life as well you know" or "He talks to me too, not just to you". Of course He does and I am so happy about it! But people tend to be jealous and compare themselves spiritually to one another. That is really sad. Because in God's eyes we are all equal, He doesn't have favorites. He needs everyone to operate in their place in the body of Christ, otherwise it cannot function so well. He needs every single one of us. And to top it all, He wants to talk to every one of us, the question is just this; do you stop to listen? Or do you run around in such a frenzy that you miss the soft Voice of the Lord in the quiet times. Don't be jealous of other people's spiritual journey and point fingers to them. Make time with the Lord and get started on your own journey. You will experience how exciting it is!

Next time when you have time, watch kids at play. They are not jealous and they don't see any difference in the kid next to them. They don't even notice disabilities. They handle all children the same and they communicate in a way that is special to see. Shouldn't we learn from them?

Lord, please help us in our walk with You. Please walk in front and lead us to better lives. Forgive us if we are not one in Spirit and help us to be. In Jesus Name Amen

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