9. Lessons from animations

My two boys are currently small and those of you with small children will know that they love watching animations. And at their age, they can watch the same animation over and over and over again! Now although I do watch it with them the first time to ensure that the film is okay for them, I don't necessarily always sit with them through the next 70 times, I see a part of it here and there, and after a couple of days I know the story inside out. I can even finish some of their sentences.

So because I 'watch' a lot of the animations with them, the stories stay in my head throughout the day. And then the more I think about it, the more I realize that most of the story is very unrealistic. For example Wall E. It is a story where earth had become so filthy and polluted that people couldn't live there anymore. They then built a spaceship and left earth for 5 years. They left robots on earth to clean everything up in order for them to be able to return. Now long story short, they didn't return to earth and stayed in space for 700 years. One after the other robots left on earth broke down until only one was left. Okay, so now I think, how is it possible for them to be in space without water for 700 years? Where did all their food come from? How did this one robot 'survive' when all the others broke down? Etc.

Or for example the movie Cars. How is it possible for the cars to talk? How can they truly have feelings etc.

Or for example Up. It is a story where an old man wants to visit a special waterfall in South America. To cut a long story short he blows up hundreds of balloons with helium and attach it to the roof of his house and flies over to the waterfall, house and all. Sounds realistic?

There are many examples and I am sure you can think of a lot more! My point is many movies are unrealistic and if you begin to analyze and question details in them you will miss the beauty of the film. You will get sidetracked with nonsense really and lose the joy of watching the movie.

It is like reading the Psalms and trying to scrutinize every verse and obtain a meaning for each one of them. Of course you can do that, but somehow when you do, you lose the beauty of it. The lovely poetry turns into an explanation and the mystical splendor of it gets lost.

The same can be said for our lives. There are many things we do not understand. Many things that just don't make any sense at all. There are many things we try to analyze and understand. But at the end of it all we need to let go and rather try and enjoy the beauty of it all. Sometimes we need to stop asking questions and rather focus on the beauty of God's love all around us. He wants us to experience His Love and that is what it is all about. Above everything and above supplying all the answers for us, He wants us to know that He loves us, more than anything.

Father God, help us to see You in everything. Help us sometimes to stop looking for all the answers, but rather to look for You, to search for You with all our hearts. In the end, all that matters is You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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