19. The bricks in our lives (12)

I have discussed various ways to look after yourself these past few weeks. We need to look after ourselves as we are the temple of God. We need to portrait His love to the world and if we are tired and worn out, we do not have anything to give. We cannot give what we do not have. And therefore we need to look after ourselves on a physical level as well. Now what I am about to say is not news to you, I am sure of it, but sometimes it is good to recap again some of the knowledge we already have.

Our bodies need to be nurtured in order to function at our best. The past few weeks I haven't been sleeping well due to my two boys adjusting to their new room. They were also a bit sick and one was teething, so needless to say I am up most of the nights, alternating between the two beds (Actually they haven't been good sleepers from birth, but these past few years were a bit more hectic than usual). So I don't get the rest my body need and you know what, it affects everything I do. My temper is shorter than usual, I feel depressed for no reason, my memory is affected, my relationship with them tends to be strained etc. In short I cannot function at my optimum best, because my body is not looked after. And I cannot be all God wants me to be.

This is just a short illustration that it is very important that you do look after your body. Now my situation is temporary I know, and when it is over I have the responsibility to make sure I get the rest I need. And that applies to you too. If your body is looked after, you will function so much better and be able to achieve what God intends for you. Here are a couple of things that will help your body cope better in today's stressful lifestyle:

  • Sleep a good 7-8 hours a day. I know people who sleep 4-5 hours a day and claim to be fine with it, but the experts tend to agree that 7-8 hours is the norm for healthy living;
  • You must make time for yourself, be quiet for at least 15 minutes a day (It is a pit stop for the soul). I know it is difficult. Even if you need to lock yourself in the toilet or get up ten minutes earlier, you need your quiet time to commune with God.
  • Commune with nature and get a bit of sun every day. The Lord is in each ray of sunlight and in each leaf or flower you touch.
  •  Breathe in deeply at least 20 times a day and give your brain the oxygen it needs;
  •  Get some exercise, even if it is just by taking the flight of stairs at work instead of the elevator or walking around the block. Your body will stagnate if it doesn't get the oxygen flowing through the blood;
  • Eat moderately (eat live foods like fruit, vegetables). It is difficult I know. I also love a chocolate now and again, but at least try to get more healthy food in. Also try and chew more, your food will digest easier and you will feel full and thus eat less;
  • Try and read 30 minutes a day something that will build you up and nourish your soul.

Our bodies need to be looked after, it is our responsibility. And the greater your body feels, the greater you will feel and the more you can achieve for God. Be proud of the body God gave you. Look after it and help it to give it its best shot. You are worth it.

Lord, please help us to look after our bodies with special care. You made it with special care and entrusted it to us. Please help us to be good stewards. Amen


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