3. Why Noah was safe in the ark (2)

We are continuing with the theme of drawing parallels between Christ's atonement for us and Noah's ark. We have asked the question last week: Why was Noah safe in the ark? We discussed the first reason why he was safe and it was because God shut him in.

Today we will continue with the second reason. Noah was safe because God designed the ark. Noah didn't get an architect to design it or tried to design it himself. No. No one would have been able to design it anyway, because there had never been a flood like that ever in the history of the world. If they had designed it I am sure that the ark would not have been able to endure 40 days of torrential rain and basically a year out on the open water. The ark would most probably have sank within the first couple of hours.

No, God designed the ark. He gave very specific details of how big the ark should be and how they should build it. He knew exactly how much rain was going to pour down, He knew exactly how strong the water pressure was going to be, He knew exactly the weather conditions that was going to attack the ark and He knew exactly for how long they were going to be inside the ark. He knew everything and He designed the ark to be perfect. And to Noah's credit, he followed the specifications to the letter and because he did, he was safe along with his family.

In much the same way God designed the plan of salvation. He designed the plan in such a manner that you would be able to withstand the pressure that the world is going to put on it. God knew of every force that would come against you, He knew of every sin that would try and come to lure you away, He knew exactly who you were going to be and He designed salvation in such a way that nothing can separate us from Him ever again. If we accept Christ in our lives, we would be able to weather the storm raging. We would be safe in the knowledge that we are saved and that nothing can come between us.

Thank you God for designing Your plan of salvation in such a way that we are safe. Thank you that we can relax in Your strong arms and know that we will be with You forever and ever. Amen

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