1. Moses' start in life

I actually wanted to start another series today, but the Lord told me otherwise. He said I must do a series on Moses. Now at the start of all these devotions I did some writing on Moses, but now the Lord wants me to do a detail walkthrough about his life. And I hope it will be a wonderful blessing to you as it was to me!

Now Moses was an amazing person, a wonderful leader and someone to look up to. Even today the Jews and Christians view him as one of the greatest people who ever lived! But having said that his life certainly didn't look as if it will reach any area of greatness to start off with. He actually had a very bad beginning in life.

He was just another ordinary Hebrew boy, one of thousands. And not just that, he was the son of slaves in Egypt. He was a nobody and was destined to fade in with all the other desperate faces around him. The only future he possibly had was to be a slave for Pharaoh, to work to build the empire of Pharaoh, nothing else. His people had been doing that for 400 years. He had no prospects of achieving anything great in his life, absolutely none. Except for one thing, he had the Creator of the Universe at his side. But other than that, his future looked quite bleak.

Do you maybe also look at your life and wonder if anything good will ever come from it? Do you sometimes feel part of the system, wondering whether you will ever be able to make a difference? Do you sometimes feel trapped in a structure, not knowing if things will ever change? Do you sometimes feel like a nobody, on the road to nowhere?

Then remember to look at Moses. He was also trapped in a seemingly impossible situation. He was trapped in a system that looked like it will never change. But God was on his side and He used Moses to break free and to do mighty miracles. And He could use you too. He has the power to turn your life around. He has the mighty strength to raise you up. He has the authority over your life to help you achieve your purpose. All you need to do is to let Him.

Invite Him in and allow Him to work in your life. Give Him access, He would love to be part of your life. Spend time with Him, you won't be sorry.

Lord, thank you that You have a wonderful plan for our lives. Help us to walk in Your perfect plan. You are more than welcome in our lives. Fill our beings with Your Spirit. We know that true life is only found in You. Thank you Lord Amen

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    Posted Saturday, 21 April 2012 at 11:30:47 AM

    I think Moses never gave a thought of becoming such a great man in God's plan. He uses each of us, no matter what your excuse is. Thank you God for not listening to our excuses.

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