119. Trust in God

Moses ended his life with a massive speech, a song and a blessing for each tribe and Israel as a whole. The whole of chapter 33 of Deuteronomy is dedicated to the blessings Moses pronounced. It is a lovely and interesting chapter to read. But for me personally what stood out are the blessings Moses pronounced on Israel as a whole and that still stands for us today. Let me quote a couple of Scriptures:

"Indeed, You love the people; all Your holy ones are in Your hands." Deuteronomy 33:3

"The eternal God is your refuge, and His everlasting arms are under you. He thrusts out the enemy before you; it is He who cries, 'Destroy them!" Deuteronomy 33:27

"He is your protecting shield and your triumphant sword! Your enemies will bow low before You, and You will trample on their backs!" Deuteronomy 33:29

How beautiful is that? We are safe in the loving arms of our Creator. In Him is our refuge. He is our protecting shield. We are safe.

Unfortunately we often don't trust Him enough. Most of us are inclined to entrust our lives to other things, like our money, our careers, our good medical assistance, our investments, our security surrounding our house. We trust in them to keep us secure and living in perfect health. If we have enough money, we will be okay, if we have a good specialist around the corner any illness can be cured, if we work hard enough we will advance in our careers, if we invest money in certain schemes, we are guaranteed of a good retirement, if we have good enough security, we are safe. And we forget to put our trust in God, where it is supposed to be.

Now although there is nothing wrong to save money or to work hard or to have security or to listen to a good doctor's advice, we must examine our hearts to make sure that we don't trust in those things, but that we trust in God and only use our money, good medical scheme etcetera to live within His will.

There is a big difference and God certainly knows when we place other securities above Him. He knows our hearts and He knows whether we trust Him or the doctors or our investments more.

We need to place God first in everything, including our finances, our health and our security. He is our refuge and we only have real security if we place it in Him. Nothing else will last anyway. Give everything over to Him and ask Him for guidance in your life before turning to anyone or anything else.

Father, thank you so much that You are there for us, no matter what. Thank you that You are in control and ruling in our hearts. We are so thankful and grateful to You! Please forgive us if we put anything above You, as we know You know best at the end of the day. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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