17. Don't be jealous of others

Moses and Aaron returned to Egypt, possibly with their hearts pumping and with their palms sweating, but they returned there and immediately started with the task at hand. They first called a meeting of the leaders of Israel. Now I can imagine that the leaders of Israel were a bit skeptical. They didn't know Moses, or if they did, they only knew that he was brought up as an Egyptian, as part of the enemy. But what is lovely to me is that they were prepared to listen.

Exodus 4:30,31 "Aaron told them everything the Lord had told Moses, and Moses performed the miraculous signs as they watched. The leaders were soon convinced that the Lord had sent Moses and Aaron."

They listened and they were convinced that God sent them. Now their reaction could have been any of the following:

"Why didn't God choose us to deliver the Israelites? After all we are their leaders already! We know exactly how the Israelites think and how they operate. Who does Moses think he is? He doesn't even know all our customs and how we do things around here!"

Or "What is wrong with us? Did we do something wrong that God didn't choose us? Did we offend God? Why did He choose Moses over us? Are we so pathetic?"

No, their reaction was lovely to me.

Exodus 4:31 "And when they realized that the Lord had seen their misery and was deeply concerned for them, they all bowed their heads and worshipped."

Lovely. They accepted it and worshipped God. They didn't ask questions. God knew best. And He did. Moses was the perfect choice, he knew how the Egyptians thought, he knew the wilderness like the back of his hand, he was actually educated and could write, he wasn't brought up with a slavery mentality etc. The list can go on, but the point is this, God knows what He is doing. One is not more important than the other, but one is better to do one task than the other.

And that is valid for us too. I notice Christians (and unfortunately I do it sometimes too) judge God's leaders very easily and think they can do it better. Or sometimes they get jealous of a position of authority God has put others in and try everything to undermine that position of that person. Or they delight when the leaders make mistakes and secretly try to obtain the leader's position.

We should not be like that. God gave each of us a role to play and all is important, all of them. From the greatest to the smallest and we will be rewarded one day by what you did with your part you had to play. God will judge your works according to that. Don't be jealous of others, we will all be rewarded equally if we have played our part well! Rather assist your leaders, help them where you can. We are all working towards one goal: to establish God's Kingdom on earth!

Lord You are so gracious and so wonderful, we praise Your Name! All of us are important to You and help us to exalt Your leaders Lord and assist them to be the best they can be for You. In Jesus Name. Amen

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