52. Prophecy over America

America, My Beloved Country, how I long for you. How I long for you to love Me again as you use to. You were My pride and joy, a nation seeking and loving Me. You were like a dear child sitting on My lap, embracing Me with an innocent love. Where has that innocence gone? You have grown into a teenager not interested in your Father. A teenager too clever for advice, a teenager set on following his own way. And I am like a parent praying that you will get through this and grow into a responsible lovely adult. I really wish that you will choose the way I taught you since the beginning.

Walk in My ways, riddled with peace and joy. Take My hand and let Me lead you. The cross road is approaching where you need to choose; My narrow way or the highway of man. The cross road is approaching and a whole host in heaven is cheering you on to make the right choice. I have so much to offer you, so much for you to learn, but you need to make the choice on your own.

Worship Me with an extravagant love and turn back to Me. Find your joy in Me again, don't forsake your First Love like the church in Ephesus did. No, submit to Me and My divine guidance. Only I know what is best for you. A tidal wave of love is waiting to crash over your shores, but without your commitment to Me it cannot come. Hear the sound of the rams horn blowing, calling you into submission to My Name. I want to take you in My arms and cuddle you like a new born baby and protect you from all onslaughts to come. But you are resisting Me. Stop doing that, rather embrace Me with your love and all will fall into place.

I love you America, I have not forsaken you. Don't turn your back on Me, but rather turn towards Me, the true Life of this world, and be filled with My Spirit. America, love Me again, and I will be like a great warrior beside you, crushing every weapon aimed against you. I am you only hope.


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