50. Don't reduce God to your size

Moses was up on Mount Sinai, in the presence of the Lord, carefully listening to His instructions regarding the Tabernacle, the priests and His covenant with Israel. And whilst Moses was gone the people complained to Aaron that Moses was gone and that they wanted to make gods for themselves to lead them. Aaron shockingly listened to them and actually followed their suggestion.

The Israelites didn't want a God they cannot see. They wanted a visible one. They wanted a god they could mould and shape as they wanted to. They wanted a god that was predictable and a god that was exactly like they desired. They wanted to be in control of the god, not a God that was in control of them.

It shocks me to my core when I read this. It really does. They were a nation who saw God's mighty works for themselves, they didn't read about it or hear about it, but they experienced it for themselves! They saw His splendor and witnessed how He miraculously saved them! Plus they saw Him every day leading them either by a cloud or a pillar of fire; they even heard Him speak from Mount Sinai. I mean what more evidence could you want of the Living God? And yet they turned from Him the moment Moses left their side. In fact if you look at Scripture they even attributed their miraculous escape from Egypt to Moses!

"Make us some gods who can lead us. This man, Moses, who brought us here from Egypt, has disappeared. We don't know what has happened to him." Exodus 32:1

They wanted a god that they could manipulate. And it was easy too. They simply took their gold and made an idol from it. As easy as that. They had their god to twist and turn at their slightest whim. Terrible. But we are the same sometimes. I have discussed in a previous devotion how we make our own idols today and how we 'worship' them by the amount of time we devote to them. But despite that, we sometimes make God also into a 'manageable idol'. We reduce Him to our size in a manageable form. We pray when we have time, we read a verse a day if we have time, we go to church and listen to His Word, but we don't put it into practice. We pray before we eat and we pray before bedtime and that is it. Our God is manageable and predictable. We can handle Him that way.

The problem is the moment a crises hits our lives and we realize that God is not predictable and that His ways are not our ways that we fall to pieces. Our religion comes to nothing; it is crushed to the ground into fine powder, like Moses crushed the golden calf into fine dust.

No, God is not an idol to be managed, He is not Someone to play with and reduce to our size. We need to respect Him for Who He is and have a reverent healthy fear of Him. We should exalt Him for Who He is and praise Him as being the mighty One, infinitely wise. Because that is Who He is, totally different from us.

We exalt Your Name Father. You are above all gods, principalities and powers. You are the infinite wise One and we praise Your mighty Name. You are exalted above all and worthy of honor and praise. We love You God. Amen

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  1. Posted Monday, 17 June 2013 at 2:29:17 PM

    The problem is the moment a crises hits our lives and we realize that God is not predictable and that His ways are not our ways that we fall to pieces.

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