45. God is omnipresent (1)

This week I read a passage in 1 Kings 20 that I would like to share with you. The king of Aram decided to attack the king of Israel, but his attack didn't go very well. They were soundly beaten by the Israeli troops. Then the officers of the king of Aram came to him and said:

"The Israelite gods are gods of the hills; that is why they won. But we can easily defeat them on the plains." 1 Kings 20:23

The king of Aram followed their advise and attacked the next spring, but this time they fought Israel in the plains and not the hills. He had such a large army that the "…Israelite army looked like two little flocks of goats in comparison to the vast Aramean forces." Verse 27. And then God stepped in:

"The Arameans have said that the Lord is a God of the hills and not of the plains. So I will help you defeat this vast army. Then you will know that I am the Lord." 1 Kings 20:28

God indeed helped them. A hundred thousand Arameans were killed in one day and another 27 000 were killed when the walls of Aphek fell on them as they were hiding behind it. God kept His word and helped Israel in their time of need.

The king of Aram didn't bargain on the fact that God was omnipresent and that was his downfall. God is indeed everywhere, He is in the plains and He is in the hills, He is absolutely everywhere. And that counts for us too. God is the God of the hills and the God of the plains in our lives too. He is God in every situation and condition that we are in. He is there with us. We are secure in knowing that. God will stand up for us even if no one else will. God is the One who will 'call' when we feel lonely, God is the One who will wipe our tears when we cry, God is the One who will lead the way if we let Him, God is always with us.

God's omnipresence is a wonderful support and a great comfort to us as believers. We can know no matter what, He is and will always be there. But it should also motivate us to live holy lives. We should remember at all times that God is standing right next to us and can hear and see everything that we are doing. I think we would never even think about doing some of the sin that we do if we were physically standing in the throne room of God. But if you think about it, we actually are standing in His throne room every day, yet we act as if we don't.

Focus on God's amazing ever present presence in your life, and know that He knows best in every circumstance in your life. He is there and will work everything for your good, good things and even bad things will be turned around for your ultimate good because He is right there. Remember Romans 8:28:

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them." Hallelujah!

Thank you Father that You are always there for us. Thank you that we can trust in You. You know best. Help us to live the holy lives You want us to live. In Jesus Name. Amen


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