48. There is life ahead

We live right next to the Irene Research Farm. It is a privilege, because we can see the ground being cultivated, we can see planting time and we can see the harvest. We also see and hear the cattle roaming just across from the cultivated fields. Now a month ago there was a run-away fire on the farm. It came quite close to our home. It was hair-raising to see and observe. All I could do was to pray that our home be safe. It was a devastating site. There was smoke everywhere, the trees in front of our house burned, the bird's nests burned, the lovely field of grass burned and even the fire truck exploded due to the intensity of the fire. Afterwards all you could see was black soot everywhere and for days the smoke lingered across the field. And for a couple of weeks afterwards the wind blew all the soot and the smell of the fire into our house. It was really not a pleasant time.

But now that spring is here, I noticed lovely green leaves sprouting out of the seemingly dead trees. I see fresh green grass coming out of the ground amongst the black burned old grass and field. And what amazes me is that it hasn't rained yet. The green leaves come out because there is still life inside. Despite the dreary sight, there is still life. Life that comes out in anticipation of the rains to come and of better days that lie ahead, life that is rooted in the Creator of it all.

I realized that this is the same with us. We might go through times where everything looks bleak and dreary. We might look at our lives and not have much hope that this 'badly burned' part of our lives will ever heal. We might look at our country and think that there is not much hope left amongst the ruins. But as long as God is there, there is life, there is hope, new green leaves can spring forth. Look at what Jesus says:

"The truth is, a kernel of wheat must be planted in the soil. Unless it dies it will be alone - a single seed. But its death will produce many new kernels - a plentiful harvest of new lives." John 12:24

Every setback is an opportunity to harvest new life. God will always let His new life fill you with hope for the future. Green leaves are not far ahead. No matter the fire devastating everything you hold dear, new life will spring forth. It might not feel like it when we are going through the fire, but we have a wonderful hope of Godly joy and better days ahead to hold on to.

We have a dear colleague that has been through much. She has lost three of her four children, either by accident or sickness and she also have had two husbands who have died. After their deaths she didn't have a job or any money or a place to stay. Her health was also not the best, but she had God. That was all she had and she trusted in Him. Today she works for my husband and even though she still doesn't have much she has God's joy and peace in her. You immediately sense it when you meet her. Her life might represent the burned field, but the joy and peace radiating from her is the green leaves God has given her. New life was breathed into hers and she is an inspiration to all who meet her. She has an empathy towards other people that is deeply rooted and she is a shoulder to cry on. She has helped many people by her story.

I would like to end off with a prayer that she wrote despite everything that has happened to her. May it be an inspiration to you as it has been for me:

"O Lord, You are faithful. From the day of my birth You have looked after me. All that I have I have received from You and it is immeasurable! I can see, hear, laugh and talk and I have a brain that can think. And if there is a tear, You are the One who comforts me. You are great and mighty Lord, You are my life and You look after me. You made the earth and everything in it and a beautiful part is measured out for me. Thank you Father. Every day is full of Your grace, and it is undeserved. Stay with me O Lord, both now and forever. Amen"

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    Posted Monday, 23 September 2013 at 10:15:29 AM

    There is life ahead touched my heart. Thank you.

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