77. Don't be jealous of others (1)

The Israelites were camped out in the Wilderness after they didn't want to obey and follow God into the Promised Land. And there a rebellion started against Moses. Korah was the ring leader and he conspired with Dathan and Abiram against Moses. The rebellion gathered momentum and soon 250 of the Israeli leaders were on their side too. They went to Moses and Aaron and said:

"You have gone too far! Everyone in Israel has been set apart by God, and He is with all of us. What right do you have to act as though you are greater than anyone else among all these people of the Lord?" Numbers 16:3

Moses must have been shocked. It was clear from the beginning that God chose Moses to lead the people and to be close to Him and receive instructions from Him. Moses never once exalted himself above the people and claimed that he was greater than anyone else. He simply did what God told him to do. His only mission in life was to obey God and nothing else. And God exalted him due to his humble attitude and due to his zest in serving the Lord.

But people became jealous. First it was Aaron and Miriam, his own family, and now it was the leaders of Israel. Poor Moses, his obedience to God led him to being a target of others' sinful desires.

Now Moses' reaction is really admirable. He didn't get personal with them and threw accusations at them. No, he took the problem to God and told all the people that God would show them all who was His chosen one. He was prepared to take a step back and let God act.

Today we can also expect accusations from people who are jealous of people who truly follow the Lord's leading in their lives. I experienced a lot of it when I resigned and followed the Lord's calling on my life. A whole number of people constantly asked me why am I not working anymore, have I become lazy or what? Or am I a lady of leisure now, too grand to work? It hurt me, but I knew the truth, I was merely following God and what He wanted me to do. I think it would have been easier to continue working than to follow the Lord's leading. And I constantly need to remind myself that at the end of the day what really matters is that one continues in your walk with God and leave the issue with Him like Moses did.

Another lesson is that even if you are walking in your calling, don't long for someone else's. Don't be jealous of the task that the Lord has given them. He knows best and He knows what will make you happy. Korah was a Levite appointed for special service at the Tabernacle and he was mentioned as one of the chief men of Israel in Exodus 6. He had an important role to play, but he wasn't satisfied with it, he wanted more. He wanted the prestige and honor that Moses received. And this jealousy cost him dearly. He lost his life and he lost the privilege of serving God.

Don't let jealousy consume you and don't long for another position. Be the best that you can be in the position God has placed you in, serve Him with all your might and He will exalt you at the right time and in the right direction that He would want you to go. Do not jump the gun, it can prove to be very costly.

Thank you Lord that each of us has a very special position to fill. Thank you that You look out for each one of us. Please forgive us that we tend to desire what You have given someone else. Help us to do the best with what You have given us; we know that that would be the best for us at the end of the day. In Jesus Name. Amen

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    Posted Sunday, 23 February 2014 at 12:31:10 PM

    Thank you so much for this vital message that we constantly needs to hear! I am God's tool, He never brings us to things He doesn't take us through. Each one of us are SPECIAL and unique, with various talents.. Let us remain in His service, with great humbleness..

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