57. Prophecy over South Africa - 2014

South Africa, My country, My heart bleeds for you. You bring so many calamities on yourself, so many heartaches that could have been avoided. Yet My Will will stand tall. My plan for South Africa will prevail.

My plan is for a light to shine brightly within the darkness in South Africa. And this light, even though it is small, will ripple out for all to notice. My people, My children just need to continue in prayer. Don't get tired and discouraged if you don't see change. Keep on praying, I need determined prayer warriors to take a stand for My values in this country.

The battle with evil in this country will only be won spiritually, not in the natural. No fight in the natural will accomplish much. Only dedicated prayer will drive the evil away. So stand tall and don't allow the negativity surrounding you to influence you. You need to be focused on the job at hand. And if you are, breakthroughs will start to happen. And it will. Little by little My kingdom will obtain a foothold where it matters most and My glory will shine forth for all to see.

Wonders are in My hands, ready to be unleashed, but you are My hands and feet. You need to set it free through your prayers. Stand up and stand tall, don't look around you, but look up to Me. I am your hope and your Savior. I am the One with the universe in My hands. Turn therefore to Me and I will unleash My heavenly hosts upon the forces of darkness and you will stand amazed at the power of prayer. I am the morning star, promising a better day.

3 comments for “57. Prophecy over South Africa - 2014”

  1. Gravatar of HenriHenri
    Posted Friday, 01 August 2014 at 9:51:57 AM

    Die Here het dit sterk op my hart gele om 'n "prayer warrior" te wees ten einde Sy Geregtigheid in ons land en die wereld te laat geskied.As elke christen hierdie verantwoordelikheid opneem sal die magte vd Lig in ons land onstuitbaar wees.

  2. Gravatar of LouinaLouina
    Posted Monday, 04 August 2014 at 9:25:13 AM

    Dear Ilze

    Thank you for being obedient. This gives me hope, I also take up my spiritual armour and smile to our MorningStar!

  3. Gravatar of AnneAnne
    Posted Friday, 12 December 2014 at 7:03:24 AM

    Ek het die naweek met nog 'n gehoorsame christen hieroor gesels. Hy stel dit so goed: "We are called to be warriors but instead we've become worriers!"

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