103. God's leaders and support structure

Moses was reflecting on their journey and conveying that to the people of Israel before they could enter the land. All of the Israelites (except for Caleb and Joshua) were younger than 20 years of age when they left Egypt, therefore most of the events that Moses were conveying to them, was unknown to most of them because they were too young to remember.

Now one of the events Moses was reminding them about was the time when he needed help, he couldn't bear the burden of the whole nation by himself:

"At that time I told you, You are too great a burden for me to carry all by myself. The Lord your God has made you as numerous as the stars. And may the Lord the God of your ancestors, multiply you a thousand times more and bless you as He promised! But how can I settle all your quarrels, and problems by myself? Choose some men from each tribe who have wisdom, understanding and a good reputation, and I will appoint them as your leaders." Deuteronomy 1:9-13

Moses humbled himself and admitted that he needed help. It is quite a humbling experience for a leader of his stature to admit it, but he did and God blessed him because of it. Several leaders were chosen to help him and God also led them with His Spirit to make wise decisions.

Plus notice another thing, when he ordered them to choose leaders they didn't choose the most intelligent, or the people with charismatic personalities or the most handsome of them all. They chose those with wisdom, understanding and a good reputation.

The first lesson for me here is that great leaders admit it when they need help. They choose leaders to help them in their mission. They don't pretend that they are strong and can handle everything that comes their way, no, they admit that they cannot do everything and they delegate the tasks necessary. And on the flip side, those helping the leader are equally important and God is pleased with them as they continue to support him and his mission. God has a specific task for all and He will reward those that do their task with diligence and a submissive attitude towards God.

And the second lesson is that a good reputation, wisdom and understanding are more important than qualifications, good looks, riches and fame. We need to look at people from a Godly perspective and not a worldly view. God sees jewels in people that we would walk past. Therefore we need to pause now and again and put on our heavenly spectacles and see through God's eyes.

In all walks of life we need leaders and we need supportive followers. Both are equally important. Ask God to show you where you fit in and do your best in the position you are placed in. Then do your work with wisdom and understanding and earn a good reputation as someone who has a heart to follow God's ways.

Thank you God that I have a place in this world. Thank you that You have decided what it is from the foundation of the world. Please give me peace concerning my position and help me to do the best that I can. In Jesus Name. Amen


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