59. Message for 2015

I would like to wish each and every one of you a happy new year. May this year be the year of breakthroughs in your life, may this be the year where you break an addiction that you have been struggling with, may this year be the year where you make peace with others and yourself, may this be the year where you are healed, may this be the year where you finally accept yourself as you are, may this be the year of new friendships, may this be the year of new beginnings, may this year be the year of promotions, may this be the year of spiritual success, may this be the year of healing and restoration in your marriage and may this year be the year of family.

And why can I wish you all this? I can wish all these blessings on your life, because we serve a good God. We serve a God who looks after His children, a God that sacrificed His own Son for you, a God that has your best interest in mind, a God of the impossible. And that excites me. I am trusting God this year for the impossible. I trust Him for the impossible in every area of my life.

When I read through the Gospels, I read of one miracle after another. I read how Jesus healed hundreds, if not thousands, I read how He calmed the waves of the sea, I read how He walked on water, I read how a whole battalion of soldiers fell backward when He told them that 'I AM' (John 18:5,6), I read how demons fled when He rebuked them, I read how He provides food to thousands with mere five loaves of bread and two fishes. And so I can go on, God is a miraculous God.

Just read the whole Old Testament and you will see how He wiped out an entire Egyptian army, how He consumed a whole city with fire, how He destroyed the whole earth in a devastating flood, how He provided victory for the Israelites by one act of obedience by men like Jonathan and Gideon, how He demolished Jericho's thick wall, how He burned up sacrifices with fire from above and so I can go on. And today God is still the same, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never changes.

And we are His children. We are the children of the mighty King of the Universe, the children of the One Who can literally do anything. Stop and take in the significance of that. You have a Father with a wallet that will make Bill Gates' wallet pale in insignificance. You have an almighty Father backing you all the way. All you need to do is two things. One, you need to love Him with all your heart and all your soul and all your might and two, you need to obey Him (As I pointed out in my Christmas message 2014).

And that is my message from God to you this year. Love Him and obey Him. It sounds so simple and straightforward, something that you have heard so many times before. But are you doing it? Or are you maybe being disciplined for not doing what you are supposed to be doing? A good earthly father disciplines his children for not obeying him and for being disrespectful, and God is no different. If this might be the case, ask His forgiveness and correct what needs to be corrected.

Then spend time with Him and make Him your first priority. Be adamant to hear His Voice through His Word, the still Voice within, peace within, receiving confirmations and then obey. I repeat again, obey. If you don't know what He is saying to you, read the Word and obey the Word, then you have already come a looooong way.

I can feel the excitement well up within me. I believe God for the impossible this year. I believe that we will see miracles as we stand in awe with arms stretched out in His Presence. I believe that He wants the best for us and I am so excited to see what it is. There is no better place to be.

Father God thank you for a new year. Thank you for the privilege of having a new year to dedicate to You. We love You and stand in awe of Your glorious Presence. Father we trust You for breakthroughs, and miracles this year. We trust You for the impossible. We cannot wait to see what You have in store for us. Give us the strength to obey You no matter what. In Jesus' mighty Name. Amen


4 comments for “59. Message for 2015”

  1. Gravatar of RonelleRonelle
    Posted Friday, 09 January 2015 at 6:14:56 AM

    AMEN Thank you Father that we can have the assurance that You never change, and that You love us. No matter what.

  2. Gravatar of Elsa van SchalkwykElsa van Schalkwyk
    Posted Friday, 09 January 2015 at 10:52:24 AM

    Baie dankie wat jy vir ons in die naam van Jesus doen. Alles bly GENADE. Doen so voort

  3. Gravatar of Lynette KrauseLynette Krause
    Posted Wednesday, 04 February 2015 at 11:36:48 AM

    So wonderlik om te weet dat ALS deur Hom moontlik is!!!

  4. Gravatar of RonelleRonelle
    Posted Friday, 27 February 2015 at 8:05:50 AM

    Verse 27 has been an inspiration to me for years, after dreaming one night how He carried me without getting tired.

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