61. Love letter from God

My Name is Jesus, God Almighty, the Savior of this world. I truly am. If you look all around you, you might doubt My presence and My ability to save due to all the evil prevalent everywhere you turn. But I am still in control. My people has just abandoned Me. My bride has entertained the world more than Me. If she will just turn to Me and make Me her first priority once more, you will see a difference in this world. But her love for Me has grown cold, her passion for Me has been given to another. I long to hold her, I long to have her by My side, to spend time with Me, to follow My ways. But she loves to compromise. She loves to have Me on the one hand, but following the lustfulness of this world's wealth and desires on the other. I want her to stop, I want her to be dedicated to me and only Me. I cry out to her to turn back. I try to draw her attention. But she cannot focus. She is sitting with her phone in her hand, paging through social media, paging through the news, paging through her diary and filling it up with even more engagements and when I tug at her hand she tells Me she is busy. The trick of satan, My archenemy has worked. I defeated him at the cross and I gave all I am to My bride to be able to stand strong against his deceitful attacks. But he was clever, even though he couldn't do anything to pluck her out of My hands, he made her too busy to be within My arms.

O how I look forward to the day when satan will not be with us anymore. I look forward to defeating him once and for all, throwing him into the lake of fire. Then we can be together without distractions, then we can walk hand in hand in My kingdom. We will have a magnificent wedding reception and we will be soulmates for all eternity to come, My Father has planned this for us. The whole world will look on as I take you as My wife. What a wonderful time to look forward to. The time is drawing to a close, My Father has told Me so. Pray that His kingdom will come, pray that His will be done on earth just like it is in heaven. Pray His will into existence. I long to be with you in full revelation of Who I am.

Even though that time is yet to come, you can be with Me now already. Please spend time with Me. I love you, I gave My life for you, I have given My Spirit to you, I have left you My Word, I have given you preachers to draw you closer, I have given you gospel music to lure you in and yet I receive the cold shoulder from you. Why? Why is it so important to you how you look? Why is it so important to stay updated with all the gossip news? Why is advancement so important to you? Haven't you yet realised how fleeting your life is and that anything can happen at any time? Haven't you noticed that you don't take anything with you when you die? Then why do you spend so much time on health, exercise, beauty, work, socialising? Why? Of course I want you to earn your living, of course I want you to look and feel your best, of course I want you to reach out to other people, but please don't idolise anything of it above Me. I long for you and it breaks My heart that you don't long for Me.

Do you know that you will have more joy, peace and satisfaction if you spent more time with Me? Do you know that your life will have more meaning if I am at the centre of it? Nothing and I repeat nothing on earth will satisfy you longer than a few weeks. It cannot. The thrill dissolves away with time and then you need something else to give you a thrill once again. Only I can satisfy you long term, forever and ever. Only I can fill your being with infinite love. Only I can be the One, because your newly born creation within you is part of Me. And by being part of Me, you can be part of heaven, the new Jerusalem now already. You can be part of My Father's home, now already. Just spend time with Me and allow Me to fill you with more of Me.

I cannot wait for you to invite Me in. I will not come barging in, it is not who I am. I am gentle and kind, not forcing Myself on anyone, but giving everyone the opportunity to be Mine. And once you are Mine, draw close to Me. I am always there, I promised you that before I departed from the earth. I am always available, always joyful, always ready to share from My throne room of love. Draw closer, closer, closer, feel My breath breathing life into your soul. Come even closer and feel My presence enveloping you with love. And if you come closer still, you will find yourself dancing with the King of Kings. You will find life's sorrows and pains dissolving and you will be lifted into another dimension where you and I are one, dancing between the galaxies. We will be forever in love, forever enthralled with one another.

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    WOW! Thank you......

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