13. The bricks in our lives (6)

We are continuing the theme of what is important in our lives. We have looked at our faith and how God should receive the number one position in our lives. We have looked at our family and friends and how important our relationship to them is. And we are now looking at how important it is to look after yourself in order to fully enjoy this wonderful life that God has given you.

First of all we said we should concentrate to look after our thought life, in order to maintain good and pure thoughts. We also said that we must give the Holy Spirit free rein in us and by so doing bring forth His fruit and portrait Jesus to the world. And the more the Spirit takes hold of us, the happier we will be.

Today I would like to discuss the power of living in the here and now, the power that lies in living in the present moment. A lot of people forfeit that power by longing for a better future. I've heard a lot of people saying something to the effect of: I'll be happy when I can finish studying, I'll be happy when I get married, I'll be happy when I have kids, I'll be happy once the kids grow older, I'll be happy when I can stop working, I'll be happy when I can retire, I'll be happy when I can have grandchildren and so on and so on. And before you know it your life is over. You have wished each special part of your life to be over. And the sad part is that you can never have it back again. There is an amazing power in enjoying the present moment.

I am talking to myself today as I find myself frequently wishing that this particular year is over. The Lord has given me a special assignment this year, but it is not a very popular assignment in the eyes of the people around me. They all want me to join my profession again and to continue on a path that I know is not right for me at the moment. So it is tough for me to be surrounded by people who don't understand the Lord's plan for me. So I often find myself wishing that this time of testing and being obedient to the Lord would end. But the Lord rebuked me and said that He gave this year for me as a gift to grow closer to Him by doing what He requires of me. I shouldn't listen to what other people are saying. He wants me to follow Him. And above all He wants me to enjoy the present. If it wasn't for the comments of other people I would be loving this year, but because I listen to them, I am feeling down in the dumps. But I made a decision just this week that I am going to enjoy the here and now. I am going to enjoy every minute of it, because the Lord is in it with me. He is strengthening me and He is guiding me where I need to go.

After all in Psalm 32:8 He says; "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advice you and watch over you."

Isn't it an awesome verse? An amazing comfort. The Lord will direct our lives and we can be safe in it, knowing that He knows best. He is the great I AM, not the I WILL BE or the I WAS. God is present in the present and if we continue to live in the here and now, we will be comforted in His Divine Presence!

Now of course you can dream dreams for your future and you can make plans for what lies ahead and be responsible with your money. You can visualize yourself as you would like to become and talk to the Lord about it, but never forget the present moment. That is why it is called the 'present', as it is truly a gift from God. The Lord is in today, we just need to look out for Him. He will display Himself to you if you are willing to search for Him.

Father God, we are humble in knowing that You will direct our paths. You are the One that walks in front and opens up the doors for us. We are determined to start enjoying the here and now. In Jesus' Name. Amen


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