67. Leave the winter behind

During these past two weeks something dawned on me that I would like to share with you. As I am writing this we are nearing the end of winter. I am so glad that this winter is over. Spring is in the air and I can feel a sense of excitement all around me. The birds are singing, new leaves are coming out, small beautiful flowers are starting to bloom and the people around me is metaphorically speaking coming out of their holes. Everyone has a sense of energy filling the air around us, people are starting to exercise again, the children are playing outside for longer periods and organizations are getting ready to hosts functions and carnivals. It is an exciting time. A time to breathe in deeply and enjoy the life that the Lord so graciously gives us.

This made me stop and think. Would we have enjoyed spring so much if there never was a winter? Would there still be a buzz in the air? Would we feel full of energy again, if we never experienced the deadness of winter? I don't think so.

My sister and her husband worked in the Cayman Islands for 3 years. And those of you that know the Caymans, know that they don't really have a winter. There are times when it is a bit cooler than usual, but overall it is warm all year round. My sister and her husband missed in effect four winters due to the timing that they went to the Caymans. When they came back, they had their first winter in 4 years and it was freezing for them. They weren't used to it and longed for summer to return. When spring came again they enjoyed it more intensity than ever before! They appreciated summer again, much more so than they did in Cayman when all they had was summer. Why? Because they experienced the contrast with winter once again.

Therefore it would seem to me that we need the winter to appreciate the summer. We need the winter to feel excited about the summer. We need it in order to see the leaves sprouting again, we need it in order to see the growth in nature and we need it in order to understand things in our lives better. The 'winters' in our lives hurt, and it is a dreary time, it could be cold and lonely, but it spurs us on to change. You see winter times in our lives come when God wants us to grow spiritually to let go of certain things in this world. It might make you very unpopular if you do not join in with the drinking partying crowd, it might make you unpopular if you do not agree with certain 'grey' areas in business, it might make you the laughing stock if you stand up against 'innocent' movies, games or shows. And so I can go on and on. Jesus Himself wasn't very popular with the religious crowd of His day. He was cast out and thrown out of synagogues. And today it is the same with us. Do not expect warm handshakes and friendly greetings when you expose dishonest practices and evil influences etc. No, the world will not welcome you when you expose the enemy behind it all.

BUT spring is always around the corner. Winter never lasts indefinitely. Jesus paved the way to His Kingdom for us and there is always Light, always summer. This world and all its evil practices will not last forever. Winter will be something of the past. But recognize the 'winter' in your life for what it is. Let the 'winter' times spur you on to grow closer to God and all that He is planning for you. Let the 'winter' times cause you to freeze your love for this world and spur you on to rather live in the Light of His warm love. There is life and true freedom. There is abundance and blessings and there is your destiny. What do you choose? The choice is yours to remain in the winter or to move on to summer and enjoy your life with Him as your anchor.

Lord thank you that we can reach out to You. Thank you that there is always summer in Your presence. In Your presence is light and life. We look forward to spending our time there with You. Help us to let go of the winter in this world and to embrace Your Kingdom principles. In Jesus Name. Amen

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    Posted Thursday, 01 September 2016 at 7:06:43 AM

    Being "Spring day" today, I thanked the Lord this morning in my quiet time for new life that I am seeing around me. Here in the Cape all the oak trees already have their new summer frocks on, and I asked Him to clothe me with new life as well.

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