71. Make special time with God

God's Word is amazing and I encourage you to spend time in it. Remember the Bible is not 66 different books, it is one book with one message, but if it is read in compartments certain parts of this message gets lost or distorted. However if you read it as a whole, it will set you free, liberated and energized. God's Word has life and can turn any situation around.

Today I would like to expand on this idea of spending time in the Word, to spending time with God. This morning I could feel a sense of 'sadness' in the Lord. And I am not saying this lightly, but with a lot of respect. Hand in hand with the message of spending more time in the Word, comes spending time with God. He wants us to spend time with Him. He understands that we are busy, He truly does, but He wants our attention and He wants us to acknowledge Him in everything we do.

Think about this example for a second. I love my husband, I really do. But imagine this scenario: When he goes to work in the morning I give him a kiss and say: "Have a lovely day, and please remember to bring me flowers when you get home. Oh and can I ask for a lovely ring too? I feel I deserve it. Thank you!" He doesn't say anything but gets into the car and leaves. Now while he is gone, I do the dishes, I plan dinner especially for him, I make the dinner, I wash his clothes, I pack his closet so everything is neat, I record his favorite program and I buy him his favorite drink for when he comes home. Now I do not speak to him the whole day, I do not phone him or email him, but I speak to my friends about him and tell them how great he is. Then when he finally comes home from work, I give him a kiss hallo and immediately ask him "Where is my flowers and my ring?" and before he can answer I go up to the room, as I can clearly see that he doesn't have it. I leave him alone with his dinner and his favorite program and I go to bed wondering whether he really loves me. I don't speak to him again that night and the following day the same scenario plays off. Do you think he will feel loved? Even after all I did for him? Even after getting all the things he loves? Even after all the nice things I said about him to my friends? I don't think so.

The same is true for the Lord. After all we are His future wife, the one He wants to share everything with. How do you think He feels when we ramble off a prayer in the morning and in the evening with our wish list on top? How do you think He feels when you do a lot of things for Him, but you never make time for Him? How do you think He feels when you talk to others about Him, but you never talk to Him? Do you think you will have a close relationship? I don't think so.

Now once again, doing things for the Lord is great, and talking about Him with your friends is super, but when you never spend time with Him it is just sad. He wants to be part of everything in your life, He wants to be the first One you talk to in the morning, He wants to be by your side during the day and He wants to be the One you talk to at night. He wants to be the first One you run to when you have trouble and He wants to be the shoulder you can cry on when you feel sad. He wants it all. And you know what? When you give Him your all, you will have the best marriage imaginable. And ask anyone that is married, there is nothing on earth greater than a great marriage and so it is with God and us. Your life will be true bliss if you can come to this realization and live in oneness with Him. Nothing will come close to your eternal relationship with God. Don't you think it is worth working on? Don't you think it is worth your time?

Thank you that You have chosen us to be Your beloved. We are sorry that we tend to give You the last bits of our day, help us to draw closer to You, because it is only then that we will truly be happy and experience heavenly bliss. Amen

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  1. Gravatar of Mariska FordMariska Ford
    Posted Wednesday, 28 September 2016 at 2:44:14 PM

    Dankie vir die kosbare waarheid wat jy op so 'n tasbaar vir ons oopmaak.

  2. Gravatar of BarbaraBarbara
    Posted Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 7:25:42 PM

    Wow!! That's so profound. It's only in/through our fellowship with God that we find complete and lasting satisfaction. Thank you

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