90. Christmas 2017

This is an excerpt from my latest weekly devotional book - God Breathes:

I came to set the prisoners free. Do you realise what this means? You were a prisoner, trapped in a cage of sin and yet I came to open up the cage and set you free. You are now free to roam this earth, not in bondage anymore, but in the glorious liberty as My dearly Beloved.

The moment I came light entered the world again. A star proclaimed My birth and lit the way for those hungry for more. A whole host of angelic beings illuminated the shepherd's field, pronouncing that a new day has been born. A new beginning has dawned on the human race. Gold, frankincense and myrrh greeted Me. It proclaimed Who I was. And today I want to share it with you.

The gold presented to Me proclaimed My Divinity. It announced the arrival of a King to the world. Even though all the gold in the world was at My fingertips, this gold was symbolic of Who I really am. It represented to the world that their King has arrived.

The frankincense was highly fragrant and used in worship as a pleasant offering to My Father. It represented holiness and righteousness, exactly who I am. It proclaimed to the world that I will become a pleasant offering to My Father; My death will be an acceptable fragrance to Him. I am righteous and holy, the perfect sacrifice.

The myrrh was a spice used for embalming. It represented bitterness and suffering. It proclaimed to the world exactly what I came to do. I came to suffer, to die; I came to set you free.

This week as you celebrate My birth, remember the gold, the frankincense and the myrrh. Remember that I came to suffer to free you, to liberate you. I came as the righteous fragrance of God in order to pass it on to you. I came to invite you to be part of My Father's royal family, to walk on streets paved with gold, as the king and lord that you are. Remember all of that this week and walk in the fullness of it.

My whole ministry is summed up by these three elements. My suffering freed you from sin, gave you righteousness as a gift and crowned you as king, part of My royal family. That is the Good News. You are dead to sin and free to walk with My robe of righteousness as royalty. What more could you want?

Live in that reality today. Make this revelation one that lifts you up on another level. Nothing can come against you if you make these three elements part of your daily walk. Do not be deceived to wander off this path ordained for you. Walk on it and keep your eyes on Me. See Me waiting for you with open arms, ready to celebrate the fullness of life with you. You are destined for greatness, ordained for so much more to this life. I have made it all possible for you.

Come and take My hand. Allow Me to walk on this path strewn with roses with you. Allow Me to be your best friend, your lover, your advisor, your boss, your counsellor, your doctor, your God. I have so much to show you, so much to teach you. Be open to receive My bouquet of flowers, ready to allure you into My arms of grace. Because when you come, the world will be your oyster, the galaxies your playground and Me your Husband, your Protector and Provider. Walk in the fullness of this today, it is My gift to you.


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    Posted Thursday, 07 December 2017 at 8:22:18 AM

    AMEN! May you have a blessed Christmas filled with His love and peace. Thank you for being obedient and bringing us His Word.

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