85. Easter 2017

This Easter I am overwhelmed again by the love of God. I realise once again what He came to do for us. At the cross the penalty for our sins was borne, so that we can be free from the bondage of sin. And when we are free, we can truly live for God.

Jesus took all the wrath of God that was intended for us. He took all the punishment so that we will never be punished by God. And as the curtain tore in the Temple the way was opened for us to enter into the Holy of Holies. The way was opened for us to enter into God's presence and be part of His family.

Jesus also freed us from the bondage of death, that whoever believes in Him now, will never die, but live forever in His presence. That is the secret to this life. Kingdom living is at hand, He came to give us the Kingdom. And when we start to live in His Kingdom, to breathe in His Kingdom, to strive for His Kingdom, then when our earthly life comes to an end, we will just continue walking on the golden pathway in His Kingdom. We will just continue to live the life we have been living on earth all along. We will continue with our reign as royalty, as part of God's family.

Isn't that wonderful? Jesus came to give us so much. He died and took our penalty and then He opened up the way and came to live within us. Jesus in all His fullness and glory lives within us. Do you fully realise what that means? All of heaven is within you. All that is good, holy and true live within you. You are one spirit with Him and therefore all that He has and all that He is lives within you. Grab hold of this truth this Easter and be changed forevermore.

You are now sons of God due to what Jesus came to do for you. You are co-heirs with Christ, you inherit all things. You can walk with authority here on earth with the anointing given to you from Above. Meditate on this this Easter and realise the truth about yourself. And then go out and live this truth. Your whole perspective on life will change. God's Spirit will sweep through you and use you mightily for His Kingdom. That is true success. Success is moving into all that God has for you and using it for His glory.

Are you doing that? Are you moving where He wants you to be? Are you dedicated and really inspired to do His work? At the end of the day that is your calling. Stand up this Easter and say 'yes' to all that God is planning for you. Say 'yes' to be used by Him and thank Him for all that He came to give you. Stand up in the privileged position that you have. Then this will be your best Easter yet and all the Shekinah glory of God will descend on you, changing the course of your life forever. Are you ready?

Thank you Father for sending Your Son. Thank you for all that He accomplished for us. We take the privilege of being Your sons seriously and we declare that we will start walking in it to the glory of Your Kingdom. Hallelujah! You are God and You are good forever. Amen


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    Posted Saturday, 22 April 2017 at 11:23:16 AM

    Hallelujah to the Almighty God. Thank you to Him for Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for making your headquarters in me. Glory !! I can never be disadvantaged because divinity is at work in me. Thanks a lot Ilze

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