94. New Year 2019

What a wonderful privilege to write about our New Year 2019! What an awesome honor to be alive and to be able to live another year with God's purpose in mind for our lives! I hope you are excited about this year as I know I am. And I don't have a specific reason really, but just to be available to God to be used is very exciting. He is the God of the impossible, and what He can bring about in our lives is truly something to look forward to!

I have a Numbers Dictionary book with the Biblical meanings of numbers in and God led me to look at the meaning of 2019:

Now the number 2 000 means - mature unity.

And the number 19 means - The numeric value of 'Eve' is nineteen. The name 'Eve' means life or the mother of all living. The number nineteen also has a symbolic association with worship. It is a call to worship God in Spirit and in Truth out of the deepest recesses of your heart.

Therefore if we combine the two I believe 2019 is the year that all living adheres to the call to worship God in Spirit and in Truth from the deepest nooks of their hearts and to mature in unity.

God wants His children to mature. The days are long gone that His children can stay on milk and purity. We need to move on; we need to hunger for steak, for more and more to digest of Him. We need to grow up in Him. And the more we grow up, the more He can entrust us with more. And the more He can entrust us, the more He grows on the inside of us. And the more He grows on the inside of us, the more we can walk in an abundant life with His blessings overflowing. I know that is what we all want, but are you ready to grow? Growing could be a painful process, it can hurt, but it is also a very rewarding process and the end result is an abundant life walking with Jesus with His blessings overflowing from within His Being. It cannot be another way.

And in the process we worship Him. On a totally new level we adhere to Him. We honor and glorify Him. We truly give every aspect of our lives to Him. We don't hold back anymore. We go at full speed into His arms and lay down our lives. Only then are we truly living.

God wants you to truly, truly live this year. The time for mediocre lives are over. It is done. God is looking at you with stars in His eyes. He is looking at you with true longing. He has so much planned for you. It is now in your hands!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way." Psalm 37:23

Notice the word 'steps'. In other words, there needs to be movement on your side. You cannot sit and wait for God to do things for you. You need to move. Also notice the word 'ordered', which implies obedience. You cannot move where you want to, but where He leads you. May you listen in 2019, be obedient and then move. Then we see that 'God delights in his way'. What more can we want? That is successful living.

Father thank you for a new year! Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to be obedient to You and to follow You in all our ways. We delight in You and we look forward to all You are planning for us! We love You with all our hearts. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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