12. Do not be jealous

Last week we saw how David obtained favor wherever he went. Everyone accepted him and honored him. We also learned that this new found fame didn't go to David's head; in fact he remained humble and behaved wisely in everything that he did.

Now as David and the army returned home after the battle with the Philistines the women came out and started singing.

"So the women sang as they danced, and said: "Saul has slain his thousands and David his ten thousands." 1 Samuel 18:7

The Bible tells us that Saul heard this and he was very angry that they ascribed ten thousands to David and only thousands to him. He became very jealous of David. In fact, he became so jealous that he wanted to kill David:

"And it happened on the next day that the distressing spirit from God came upon Saul, and he prophesied inside the house. So David played music with his hand, as at other times; but there was a spear in Saul's hand. And Saul cast the spear, for he said, "I will pin David to the wall!" But David escaped his presence twice." 1 Samuel 18:10, 11

David defeated Goliath and rescued the armies of Israel from the Philistines and yet due to jealousy Saul wanted to kill him. He became blind with jealousy. And when he didn't succeed, he became afraid, because he realized that the Lord was with David and not with him anymore (1 Samuel 18:12).

It is easy to judge Saul from this side. It is easy to read this and think that he truly didn't act in a Godly manner. But don't we do the same? We might not try to kill them (Thank goodness!), but in our hearts we might do that. Don't we get jealous too when we succeeded in something and suddenly someone else does it even better than us? Don't we get jealous when someone else gets the promotion that we felt that we deserve? Don't we get jealous when our children practice hard at something and then another child outperforms them with ease? Be honest with yourself today. Haven't you been jealous too?

This 'story' warn us of the dire consequences of jealousy. We will still see how much misery it will bring King Saul. Fortunately for us God's Spirit will never depart from us as it did him, for we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise (Ephesians 1:13), but when we allow jealousy to take over, we will live with the lower energy levels of jealousy and its consequences until we decide to let it go. It truly is not worth it. Living with God's Spirit mightily flowing through us is the highest level of energy that we can live on. And when we live on that energy level good things will manifest for us, we will also be filled with joy, love and God's Shalom peace. That is where God wants us and where we will experience life and life in abundance. But if we make friends with jealousy and if we decide to harbor and cherish that in our souls, we will be operating at much lower levels of energy. Then we cannot access all that God has in store for us. Then it is not God punishing us, but we ourselves deciding to live on a much lower level than what He had planned for us.

God has such wonderful plans in store for us, plans that will fit us as a glove, plans that will honor His Name and will further His Kingdom. It might look totally different than what we might think, but it is what God knows would be best for us. We might think we know best, but He really does! So why be jealous of His plan for another? That plan might not work for you. You might think it would, but in reality it wouldn't. Don't you think it would be better to trust His timing and His pathway for our lives instead of wasting time wishing you had another's success? Learn from Saul and see where it got him. We will see the detail in future weeks. But know that his end was a dreary one. God doesn't want that for us, that is not His plan. Rather walk in His fullness and experience all that He came to give you. His plan for your life is perfect.

Father, thank you so much for all Your love and for the good plans that You have for us! Help us to see the pathway through Your eyes. Help us to be happy for other people's success and to walk our pathway with joy! As we know You know best. Amen

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  1. Gravatar of LiezlLiezl
    Posted Sunday, 24 November 2019 at 10:55:22 AM

    We are blessed in abundance. We shall not want🙌🏻

  2. Gravatar of Johan LootsJohan Loots
    Posted Monday, 17 February 2020 at 10:18:42 AM

    Dankie vir jou weeklikse boodskappe Ilze, dit is waardevol vir my.

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