100. Easter 2020

I came to give you life and life in abundance. I came to set you free. In Me is everything you will ever need. You don't need anything more. I am standing with all the supply in My hands. I want to give it all to you, you must just take it. Unfortunately your arms are full of earthly thing. You are holding on tightly to so many things. Your health, your children, your career, your success, your dreams, your disappointments, your relationships, your possessions, your looks, your intellect and so I can go on. Lay it all down at the cross. For you are heavy laden. Give over to Me. Lay it at My feet. I will pick it up, and mold it into the diamond that it could be for you.

I have so many plans for you, plans for good, to provide you with a future and a hope. Make time for Me so that you can hear these plans. Open up your schedule to hear My voice calling out to you. Allow My voice to internalize and to lead you unto new paths, higher roads, leading to My Shalom in your life. I know what is best for you. I know what would work best. Surrender all and walk in My footsteps. Therein lies true success. Earthly acclaim might last for a moment, but My success will last for all eternity. Your destiny is so much more than this life. It is much higher than your brain can fathom. Therefore you need to trust Me, you need to have faith in Me. Faith is what pleases Me.

I died so that you can have access to this calling on your life. I died so that you can come into the Presence of Holiness and not disintegrate. I died so that you can share in Our eternal life. I died to open the door for you. I am the ladder between Heaven and earth. I am the connection, the only way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me. So the invitation is there, come. Even if you have accepted Me as your Savior, I want you to make Me the Lord over your life. I want you to live on top of the ladder with a heavenly perspective. I want you to see the way I see. I want you to look at your life with Heavens' eyes. Then life will make sense. You will see clearly the road to take and you will know which way to go. Your stress levels will be much less as you will be in good Hands.

Celebrate a new outlook in life this Easter. Live with your heavenly destiny in mind, knowing that My pathway during this earthly life is a training ground for what lies ahead. I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I will train you to be the best you can be. And when you are fully walking in My ways, following Me, doing your best, you will be amazed by what lies ahead. You will be pleasantly surprised, rejoicing that there will be more for all eternity to come. Allow this knowing to wash over your soul and to anoint you to walk in the fullness of who you are in Me. My anointed bride, My loved one, a royal citizen of heaven and a son of God. What more can you possibly want? Give over, surrender. You will love the life that I am planning for you.

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    Posted Wednesday, 08 April 2020 at 3:31:28 PM

    During this time of lockdown in the world, God is all we have to cling to. Is it not wonderful as Christians to know that He has so much more for us, we need not be afraid or dismayed, for the Lord goes with us wherever we go!!

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