25. Be content right where you are

Last week we saw that we shouldn't fight against the plans of God. It doesn't help as it only frustrates us and make our lives miserable. We should rather take hands with God and walk this pathway with Him leading the way. Then whatever comes our way, we can be assured that He is with us every step of the way.

Now whilst David was still living in Philistine, the Philistines gathered together to go to war against Israel. They gathered together and encamped at Shunem. Saul was terrified when he saw the army of the Philistines. He desperately wanted confirmation from the Lord that all will be fine:

"And when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by the prophets." 1 Samuel 28:6

So when Saul couldn't hear the voice of the Lord he became even more desperate and sought the guidance of a spiritual medium. They told him of a woman at Endor. He immediately went there. What made this quite ironic is that Saul had banished all mediums and spiritists out of the country, and here in his moment of need, he turned to one.

Now he came in disguise to the woman and didn't reveal his identity. He asked her to call up Samuel for him. And the moment she did, she knew he was Saul. After putting her at ease, he spoke to Samuel. Samuel confirmed his worst fear. His end has come. The whole of Israel, the King and his sons would be delivered into the hands of the Philistines the very next day. Saul's end has come. Samuel told him that he would be with him the very next day.

Saul was paralyzed with fear and fell down on the ground and refused to eat. After some persuasion, they convinced him to get up and to eat and to 'face the music'. It was a very dark day for Saul indeed.

I have also witnessed, experienced and seen Christians getting desperate when they feel that they don't hear from God. I know of Christians going from 'prophet to prophet', to hear what God is saying about their future. I know of Christians who read the star signs every day to determine what is going to happen in their near future. I know of Christians believing in the star sign they were born under and building their whole lives around the 'personality type' that they are according to their star sign. It is absolute nonsense and God is not pleased. He wants us to hear directly from Him. That is why Jesus came. He came so that He could release us from the power of sin and impart unto us righteousness so that His Holy Spirit can come and live inside of us. And because He is living on the inside of us, we can personally hear His voice. We can know what He wants us to do.

But one thing that I have learned through the years is that God doesn't necessarily show us exactly where He is leading us. He isn't going to reveal His exact plan and detail all at once. Step by step He will guide us on the way. Unfortunately we as humans don't like that. We want to know months and years ahead and therefore we resort to going to our modern day 'mediums and spiritists'. But look at what happened to Saul. God doesn't honor that. He wants us close to Him, walking this pathway with Him. He wants to guide us step by step. We should learn to take His hand and to walk this pathway and not run ahead of His perfect timing as we are used to in this rushed world, especially now during this COVID-19 epidemic. We want to know when all this will end, we want to know when we can go on with our lives. We want to desperately see into the future, but we can't. Fortunately we know the ONE who does. All we need to do is to trust in Him one day at a time and not fear. He is in control of our lives. We must just surrender to Him and allow Him to do His perfect work in us.

God knows best, we can trust Him and His timing. There is no need to run to all sorts of other people or signs. God will provide all we need to know for the present moment. And that should be enough for us. He knows it will not be good for us to know the future. We simply need to take one step at a time, hand in hand with Him. He will lead us unto the right paths. All glory to Him on high!

Dearest Father, I am so sorry that I get so impatient at times, wanting to know my future and to where You are leading me. I want Your Spirit to consume me to such an extent that Your patience will overwhelm me, that I can be content waiting for Your gentle leading hand to guide me. Thank you Jesus for making it possible to hear Your voice loud and clear. Amen


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  1. Gravatar of HenriHenri
    Posted Monday, 11 May 2020 at 11:53:54 AM

    It is only human to want to know about tomorrow. We need total dependancy on Him in an expectant way that He knows best for us if we align our will to His will.

  2. Gravatar of RonelleRonelle
    Posted Tuesday, 12 May 2020 at 11:38:33 AM

    Isn't it true that this pandemic makes us either calm or totally confused and without hope? As you say, we are privileged to know the One Who has the whole world in His hands. We don't only know Him, but we have Him in each of us. He know best, just sit in His Presence and listen, and look around you and listen."Do not be afraid My child, I will be with you whatever happens." Thank you Lord....

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