26. Never give up

The previous time we discussed the life of David, we saw that we can hear from God ourselves. We needn't rush from prophet to star signs to personality types to understand where God is leading us. No, we can hear from Him ourselves. We shouldn't stoop as low as Saul and consult mediums, we should rather trust in Him inexplicitly and in His mighty power as well as His perfect timing for our lives.

But Saul did consult a medium and called up Samuel from the dead. Samuel told him that he will die in the battle against the Philistines and that Israel will lose the battle. He was paralyzed with fear, as he knew that God would not be with them in the battle.

On the other hand David was with the Philistines, ready to attack Israel. What David's real plan was, the Bible doesn't say, but it does say that the Philistine princes didn't trust David and they didn't want him and his men to go with them to battle. The king of the Philistines trusted David and tried to convince them that David should go with them, but it didn't work. David and his men had to return home.

But when they did, they found Ziklag, where their home was, raided by the Amalekites. They took everyone that was left behind, men, women and children, as well as all their belongings and burnt the town to the ground. David and his men came upon this scene and were devastated. They cried, so much so that the Bible says - '…they wept, until they had no more power to weep.' Then a shocking thing happened, David's own men turned on him:

"Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters." 1 Samuel 30:6

The men were so devastated that they started to think irrationally. They wanted to portray their frustrations unto David. And what did David do?

"But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God." 1 Samuel 30:6

Isn't it just amazing? His own men were turning on him; he has lost all earthly support. He was hunted by the King of his own country, his family has been abducted, all his belongings were gone and now his own men were turning on him. And instead of cursing God, instead of asking why, instead of blaming God, he turned TO Him to be strengthened. I love it. He could have easily said: "You know what Lord; I have only been faithful in all that I do, everything. And where has this brought me? I am living as an exile, in a foreign land, with nothing to my name and no family to support me and now even my own men is turning against me. What does it help to follow You?" But no, he didn't. This was the biggest test of David's life. This was a make or break moment. He was at the lowest level he had ever been. And yet he was wise enough to turn to the Lord for strength. And as you will see as his life story is told, is that this low point in his life, is quickly succeeded by exaltation to the King of Judah. So at this low point, he was so close to his breakthrough. Can you imagine if he had given up there and then? How sad that would have been! But he didn't and therefore we can read about him as the greatest Israeli King that ever lived.

The same might happen to us. We might be so close to our breakthrough, even though things in the natural are not flowing as we might have expected, our breakthrough might be around the next corner. We shouldn't give up. We should never turn our back on God and forsake the route that He has laid before us. We never know what could be next for us. God is so patient and kind, so full of love. He wants the best for us. Do not stop digging just before you find your treasure. Do not give up. Find your strength in God as David did. Find Him in all that you do. He will give you the strength to continue. Never ever give up. In fact rejoice in a low point on your road with God, He will then take you higher! Just like He did with Job. Afterward Job had double than what he had before the trial. Walk with that confidence in mind.

Father thank you that we can find our strength in You. Thank you that You never give up on us. Help us to continue on Your path even though it seems as if we are on the wrong track or that everything is falling apart around us. Give us the assurance that this road is from You. If not, then help us to find our route back to You and where we need to be. Amen

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    Posted Monday, 06 July 2020 at 1:54:49 PM

    It is só true. we should trust the Lord in everything, even, or especially when things turn out in a way we did not expect it to... He knows what He has planned for us Jer 29:11

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