30. Wait with a good attitude

Last week we saw how God lifted up David from the lowest point in his life, to being King of Judah, all in a matter of days. It was truly amazing to see. The same happened to Joseph, Moses, Job, but to name a few. We shouldn't despair at the low points in our lives, but rather we should take courage and look up to God. As long as we are walking with Him, we can be rest assured that we are on the right pathway for our life, and that He will exalt us at exactly the right time.

God was with David, because David sought the Lord in everything that he did. He reigned over Judah for seven and a half years. During that time, Saul's son Ishbosheth reigned over Israel. And as time passed by David got stronger and stronger and Ishbosheth became weaker and weaker. Even Abner, the commander of Saul's army turned against Ishbosheth and wanted to join forces with David. But Joab, David's commander, hated Abner because he had killed Joab's brother, so in secret he murdered him. David was very upset when he heard about this and mourned and fasted for Abner. All the people saw this and realized that David never wanted Abner to be dead.

So now without Abner, Ishbosheth's reign and power started to dwindle until finally one day two of the captains of the troops of Saul's army went into the house of Ishbosheth and killed him right there in his bed. They ran to David as they thought that this news would please him and that he will exalt them and give them favorable positions in his army. But as honorable as David was, he was very upset that an innocent man was murdered in his own bed. He ordered his men to kill these two for their wicked act.

It was then that all the elders of Israel came to David and asked him to be king over all of Israel. Finally, after many years since receiving the promise that he will be King over Israel, it materialized. Scholars believe that it was twenty years since the time that David was anointed as king by Samuel. Can you imagine waiting that long for the promise of God to materialize in your life? And what did David do during this waiting period? He trusted God and he walked wherever He led him.

"So David went on and became great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him. David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, and that He had exalted His kingdom for the sake of His people Israel." 2 Samuel 5:10, 12

David became great and he knew it was due to the favor of God. He didn't take any honor for himself. He knew that God was with him for the sake of all His people. David remained humble and gave God the glory.

During our waiting time, we should walk with God, grow with God and learn all His ways. You see during this waiting time God prepared David for the role as King. He served in the house of Saul, he could see how it was run, he learned combat, he learned how to be the leader of six hundred men, he learned the tactics of the enemies, he learned how to act honorably even during intense times, he learned so many things. He definitely didn't think of it that way when he was running for his life, but it certainly helped him. And the same is true of you. God is teaching you many things during your waiting time. You might not see it and you might not consider what you are doing as important, but God sees everything and He uses all the lessons that He taught you. The most important thing is to wait with a good attitude and to be honorable in all your dealings, to put God first and to consult Him in everything that you are doing. Learn from David. He had all the right reasons why he could be mad and murder those who seek his blood, but he never sought revenge. He looked up and followed God. And what an amazing example for us all today!

Father, You know best. Your timing is just perfect. We know that You are teaching us many things. Help us to be patient and to learn what we must learn and that we should grow in our knowledge of You every day, exalting You in everything. Amen

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