113. Christmas 2021

This has once again been an extraordinary year, a strange year in so many ways. This year all of us have lost something, whether it is finances, our health, loved one, our freedom, holidays, time with our families, our right to practice sports or even our right to watch sports. We all lost something. This made me think again how fragile this life is and how we should live life to the fullest and appreciate all the little things in life. I have truly learned that small things can bring as much joy and maybe even more than the big things in the long run. I have also learned to live in the present, in the moment, as we do not know what the future holds. I am a planner by nature, but this year truly taught me that yes, I can plan, but my hope shouldn't be in my plans, but in Him who holds the future and all that it entails. In the present moment is the greatest gift and we shouldn't miss that.

This Christmas we should take this gift of the present and unravel it. We should learn to slow down and breathe. We should appreciate the smile on our children's faces, the friendly gesture of a stranger, the flowers blooming, the lunch that we are able to have with family and friends, the days that we get off to recuperate, the ability that we have to exercise etcetera. We should look at our lives with new eyes and see how really blessed we still are.

Also this Christmas we need to look at what Jesus truly came to do for us. He came to take us into Heaven with Him. He came to give us zoe life, true life pulsating within our veins. He came to set us free from the burdens here on earth. He opened up the way for us to a better life. That is why He came. He wants us close to Him, with Him in Heaven. After He rose again He is seated in Heavenly places at the right hand of God the Father and we are seated there with Him, now already. Therefore we need to focus our attention on what is above and not on what is going down here on earth (Colossians 3:1).

This world is always going to be full of surprises, some of them good, but some of them bad, like COVID was and still is to most of us. Curve balls are going to be thrown at us, but when we are focused on who we are in Heaven, then we will not stumble and fall. Jesus opened up the way for us so that we can be citizens of Heaven, priests, royalty, His beloved children, His bride. He came to set us free from the bondage of sin rampant in this world and to open up the way for us into His Kingdom. He came to give us a better life, now already. We just need to step into who we are in Him and set our minds on His Kingdom and believe the truth about us. He did everything for us, it is now pulsating on the inside of us, we simply need to take it as our own.

Focus this Christmas on the gifts that Jesus came to give you. Focus on the glorious Savior who gave up everything to give you a future and a hope. Glory in that, rejoice in that and move into 2022 knowing that He is already there, providing for you.

Father thank you so much for sending Jesus for us, a little baby in a crib, rescuing the whole world from the destructive power of sin. We glorify and praise You! Thank you so much for presenting us with this new life. We love You. Amen

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  1. Gravatar of MariMari
    Posted Sunday, 28 November 2021 at 2:33:17 PM

    Die jare vlieg al vinnger verby. Ja & eersdaags is dit Kersfees, n heuglike gebeurtenis waarna ons uitsien Vir sommige die vooruitsig van n vakansie, vir ander die saamkuier met familie of vriende of net alleen. Daar was die mooi & die hartseer. Maar laat ons ons beywer om te fokus op Jesus Christus ons Verlosser & met dankbaarheid terug dink ook wat Hy vir ons gedoen het op Golgota. Joh 3:16. Dankie Ilze vir al die ywer & entoesiasme waarmee jy elke ‘devotion’ vir ons ons aangebied het. Mag jul gesin ook n rustige vakansie geniet!

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