31. Your purpose, the fun-loving side

As we have touched on the previous devotions, all of us have general purposes, namely to have a close relationship with God,  to become more and more like Christ, to spread the gospel and to glorify God and sing His praises. There could be even more general purposes. But for now let's focus in on more specific purposes for each of us.

As I have discussed in the previous devotions, we all have a specific purpose assigned to us by the Lord our God. He decided what He wants us to do, the moment He created each of us. He had a picture in mind of what He would like us to become. And be rest assured that your purpose would fit you as a glove. The Lord knows your strengths and your weaknesses and knows what you would be able to do, better than you ever would. Your purpose could also consist of several smaller tasks, but it will all contribute to your main purpose.

Now how do we know what it is? How can we be sure? That is the type of questions that have haunted me as well and one day in my quiet time with the Lord He unveiled the steps to me. It is something that will take time and effort from your side, but in the end it will be more than worth it! Life will be so much more rewarding when you can get up in the mornings with a purpose, knowing that the Lord will direct you towards it.

Now the Lord explained the step to me as follows: He showed me a fun park full of roller coasters, swings, water activities, eating stalls etc. Truly a fun park, something like Disney World. Now hidden in between all the rides and all the fun things, is your purpose waiting for you. One of the roller coasters/swings/water rides etc is yours to climb on to. One of them would be specifically suited to you. The question is just which one?

Now I would like to stop there for a moment and quickly share with you one thing I experienced the last few weeks. And that is that our God is truly a fun-loving God. Yes He is holy, yes He is a Judge, yes He is our Savior, but one thing that stood out for me is that He could be fun-loving as well. I mean just have a look at some of the strange fish, birds and animals He created. He must have a wonderful sense of humor! Look around in nature, I saw two birds flying and playing with one another this morning, they were having so much fun and I believe that the Lord loves that. He wants us to have fun and enjoy ourselves. He doesn't want us to walk around with somber faces all day! So it was no surprise to me that He wanted to explain our purpose in life at the hand of a fun park, as He wants us to enjoy our purpose. It should not be a burden to us, but it should be something that makes us tick. It should be something that would spur you on to get up in the morning. It should be something that would ease the lives of people around you. The Lord wants to be part of it all and He wants to enjoy it with us. He wants to have fun with us. Let Him.

Lord Jesus, thank you that we can enjoy life with You. Thank you for Your fun-loving side. We look forward to the search of our purpose in life. Please help us. Amen

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