32. Steps to your specific purpose (1)

The Lord wants us to have fun and He wants to be part of it and share in the fun with us.  He wants us to get up in the morning with a smile on our face.

Now as I discussed in the previous devotion, the Lord revealed the path to our purpose in life through the illustration of a fun park. Inside this fun park are different rides and fun things to do and one of them is your purpose. One of them would be well suited to you. Now how do you know which one? Let's find out.

1.       Pray about it

Once you have decided that you want to know what your purpose is, be quiet and spend time with the Lord. This is the most difficult thing for most people to do, but it is the most important of all, as the rest of the steps would simply be confirmation of what you prayed about.

Be still, make time even if it is your busiest time of the year. I have quickly learned that when you do spend time with the Lord, you tend to do all your tasks thereafter so much faster, that you end up making up the time again. So be still and listen. The Lord so desperately wants to talk to us that He will talk to you, you need not worry about it. He will share His Heart with you. All you need to do is to be quiet and let Him do the talking.

Now this might take half an hour or it can take weeks, it all depends on how the Lord decides to work with you. He knows what is best and will not be rushed. But if you persevere and continue to be quiet, His tender voice will start talking to you. You will intuitively know it is Him. Your Spirit after all knows its Maker. You will hear Him, after you have taken care of all the noise inside of you.

As you continue to listen, you will hear more and more and a clearer picture will be formed as to what He wants you to do. He will now lead you into the park for confirmation of where He is leading you to.

2.       There will be physical signs

All around the park there will be signs leading you to each ride. Each ride will be clearly marked and will help you not to get lost along the way. You will clearly know which way to turn.

Now in your daily life these signs will be the Word of God. When you spend time and study the Word of God, you will clearly start to know the heart of God. You will learn from Him and you will learn His Ways. Therefore if you feel that you want to do something, test it against the Word of God. If it is in contrast to it, you can know that it is definitely not something that you must do. If it is in line with the Word of God you can look further for confirmation that this is what you must do. You can ask the Lord for a specific verse to confirm that this is His Will for your life. Or you can ask a Christian friend to pray for you for a verse from the Lord. Something that would confirm that this is the road that you should take.

3.       Christian counselors

All around the park there will be people who can assist you in the road you should undertake. They will direct you to the right ride for you. You can ask them questions and they will help you make your decision.

In your life these people could be your Christian friends, Christian family, your Christian mentor or even your pastor. Someone you know has a close relationship with the Lord and has your very best interest in mind. Go and talk to them. Ask them for advise based on sound godly principles. Ask them to pray for you and ask them to give you confirmation of what you believe you should do. Ask them to truly hear from the Lord for your confirmation. It should be the same as what the Lord told you.

In the next devotion we will continue with the steps. But for now start by being quiet with the Lord and spending time with Him. He is waiting for you.

Lord Jesus, we are looking forward to hearing from You. We cannot wait to spend time with You, as we know that it will be the defining moment for our lives. Amen

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