1. Waiting

What do you think is one of the most common things that aggravate people? Yes, unfair treatment, yes, corruption and crime, yes, if you are being lied to, but one thing I can know for certain that everyone has experienced some or other time in their lives is to wait. We as humans cannot wait very well. Have you seen how people get when they need to wait in heavily congested traffic, or when they need to stand in a long queue? Some of them's whole personality change. They become aggressive and try to take chances by driving in the yellow lane or they simply jump the queue and mumble some or other excuse why they need to be helped first. Or other people do wait in the queue, but when they get to the front they almost bite the head off of the person helping them as if it is their fault that they had to wait so long. 

Why is it that people cannot wait? Well the answer is easy really; it is because we have so much to do. We have too many things outstanding and when we get delayed by waiting, all those things heap up and up and before we know it we need to work late, because everything needs to get done. And when we work late our fuse gets shorter and in the end we are not the nicest person to get along with.

Another reason why we battle with waiting is because everything around us is getting faster and faster and we don't really need to wait that long for basic things anymore. Computers gets quicker, we go to a fast food chain and our burgers are ready within minutes, we pop food in the microwave and quickly heat it up, we put on the television and search with our PVR the story that we want to see, we don't even need to wait anymore. People like Investors can almost never go to sleep or on holiday as the world never sleeps, it simply goes on and on. Things happen by the second. We live in a fast paced world. And every now and again when we have to wait for something we cannot handle it. We are being programmed by the world to simply move faster and faster.

And then suddenly one day the Lord stops you in your tracks and tells you to wait. To be quiet and still and to wait on Him, before you continue.

And what do we as humans do? We totally freak out!

"Wait? Lord, You cannot be serious? This is the 21st century, we do not wait on anything. With all respect, I am going to lose out if I do not react right now. I have to, otherwise someone else will clinch the deal I am supposed to get."

In my spiritual eye I can see the Lord smiling at us.

"My dear child, I created time. Don't you think I know what century this is? A day is like a thousand years to Me and a thousand years like a day. I know what the future holds, in fact I am the only One who knows. Trust Me, if you rush your timing you will be out of sync and things will not turn out the way I plan it for you."

I can see each of our shoulders drooping and our faces falling.

"But Lord…"

"No buts My Child, listen to Me. I know what is best."

Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to wait? I am going to talk about this topic over the next few weeks. Come and join me and discover what the Lord wants to tell us.

Lord, please help us to listen to You. Please help us to follow Your guidance and please help us to be obedient to Your Voice. Amen

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