2. Waiting on the Lord to fulfil His promises

Welcome back. As we discussed in the previous blog, it is very difficult for us to wait. We don't like waiting and we would rather jump in and start than wait for the 'gun' to go off. No wonder we often get false starts at the Olympic games. Everyone wants to be the quickest out of the starting blocks and gain an advantage on all the others.

I am also impulsive sometimes and start something just in order for me to feel that I am gaining ground and at least doing something. I hate doing nothing. But sometimes the Lord wants us to wait, and do nothing but spend time with Him. And through spending time with Him He wants to teach us things that will help us along the way and in actual fact save us time in the long run. But very few of us are prepared to give that time away, as we are afraid that we will lose out in our materialistic race.

An excellent example from the Bible of someone who had to wait for years for promises regarding his life to come to pass, is David. He was anointed as king over Israel when he was still a young boy and only became king of Judah when he was 30 years old and king of the whole Israel when he was 37 years old. He had to wait for a very long time before he was crowned king and during all those years, the possibility of becoming king appeared very slim. Saul wanted to kill him because he was jealous of David, and chased him all over the country. David had to go and hide away from Saul in caves and in Israel's enemy's territory. The chances of him ever going back home and promoted to the throne seemed remote. David could have been down in the dumps, his heart could have been heavy and down cast. But he wasn't, listen to this one psalm he wrote while he was being persecuted by Saul:

Psalm 17:9, 15 "Protect me from wicked people who attack me, from murderous enemies who surround me. But because I have done what is right, I will see You. When I awake, I will be fully satisfied, for I will see You face to face."

David held on to the Lord. He didn't resent the Lord that he needed to wait, but he spent time with the Lord. He looked up to the Lord to protect him and to guide him. If you read David's story you will notice that he always asked God's guidance when he was on the run and didn't know what to do. He kept the Lord close to his heart and he trusted in Him.

I heard a woman speaking on Impact radio the other day about waiting. And one thing that she said stuck with me. She said that the way we wait express our trust in God. And that is so true. If we look at David, we can see that he trusted the Lord with his life. From the moment that he took on Goliath until the day that he died. Yes, David did make mistakes in between, but he asked forgiveness and the Lord called him a man after His own Heart.

We need to wait with faith. If you are in a season of waiting, try to strengthen your relationship with the Lord during this time. Whether you are waiting for a soul mate, or a baby to come, or a promotion at work, or for guidance on a new career path you would like to take, whatever it is, spend time with the Lord. The time is now. It will ease the period of waiting, as His Peace will enter your soul, plus He will prepare you for your task that lays ahead if you trust in Him.

Take care, wait with confidence!

Lord, help us to wait with an expectant heart. Thank you that we can know that you are waiting with us and preparing the way forward. Amen

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