1. The three little pigs

I am sure that most of you know the story of the three little pigs. But for those of you who don't, in short it is about three little piggy brothers who still lived with their mother. When it was time to leave the house she gave them some advice, told them to build strong houses for themselves and saw them on their way.

The first piggy was a bit lazy and took the easiest route. He built himself a house of straw. He finished the house very quickly and immediately started to live there. It was not long before the wolf in the vicinity smelled the little pig and without any trouble blew his house away in order to eat him. Luckily for the little piggy he was quick enough to get away from the nasty wolf.

In the mean time the second little piggy made a little more effort in building his house. He used sticks to build his house. He took a bit longer than his brother did in building his house, but soon enough he was finished and enjoying his finished product. Once again it was not long before the wolf sniffed him out and with a little more effort blew his house away as well. The wolf was very hungry by now, but the little pig managed to escape amongst the heaps of sticks lying around.

The third little pig was wiser than his brothers and decided to build a proper house with bricks and cement. He took much longer than his brothers did in building the house, but he made sure that everything was hundred percent in place with a proper foundation to support his structure. Eventually he finished his house. He was so impressed with his handwork and enjoyed living there. The nasty wolf was famished by now and smelled the piggy from afar. He hurried over to his house and tried to blow the house down, but as much as he tried he couldn't even make a dent in any part of the house. He realized he had to make another plan, and before long he realized that he can climb onto the roof and wriggle himself down the chimney into the little piggy's house. He didn't waste any time and immediately put his plan into action. But the piggy was one ahead of him; he realized what the wolf was planning to do. So in the meantime he put a big pot full of boiling water in the fireplace and when the wolf came down the chimney, he gave a loud yoooowwll as his tail touched the boiling water and rushed out of the little piggy's house, never to return.

The two other piggy's heard the noise and rushed to see what happened. Their brother was glad to see them and invited them to come and live with him which they readily accepted. They all lived happily ever after.

Now you may wonder why I am telling you this old story. Well, I am going to talk in depth about the lessons that we can learn from these three little piggys and the choices they made. But for now, stop and think for a moment, is your house - in other words, your life - made up of straw, sticks or bricks? Do you spend most of your time on straw, sticks or bricks? Think about it, I will discuss it in more detail over the next few weeks, but I am sure you all inherently want to say your life is full of bricks, things that will last even if the wolf comes and tries to take it away. But is it really? Is that where you focus all your time and attention?

Lord Jesus help us to work on the things in our lives with eternal values. Help us to get away from the straw and the sticks that are less important. Amen

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