10. The bricks in our lives (3)

We are discussing the bricks in our lives in order to have a fulfilling life, a life that can weather any storm and still come out strong at the other end. God should be our foundation and Jesus Christ our cornerstone. On this foundation and cornerstone we can start building our house. The bricks we use are our close family, our spouses, our kids, our parents, our siblings etc. These bricks are the most important (besides the cornerstone and foundation), because without them, the house will be pretty lonely. And without a deep relationship (which is the cement) with them, the house will battle to stand. It is only after getting our foundation and bricks and cement right that we get to another important aspect of the house, namely ourselves.

We need to live in the house and we need to be comfortable in this house. We need to be happy and value ourselves like God does. Now there are various ways of being happy with ourselves and I am going to discuss a couple of them over the next few weeks. But for a start know that inside the house you must look after yourself. As I have said before, your body is the temple of God and what you do with it shouldn't be taken lightly. The other day I read Leviticus again and I know most of those rules are not related to us anymore, but I realized something of God's character through reading it. God likes order, cleanliness and personal hygiene.

After reading Leviticus the Lord immediately reminded me to have a good look at my own bible. It was totally falling apart after ten years of use. The hinges were coming off, there were papers hanging out everywhere and even the introduction was beginning to tear. It was actually a sight for sore eyes and I never did anything to it, because I thought all these years that it was actually a compliment as it meant that I spent time with it. After all whenever someone saw my bible, they will definitely know that I used it! But the Lord reprimanded me and I realized that it was a disgrace to Him. It didn't honor Him, it actually showed how arrogant I got with His word and how I actually only focused on myself. I then took tape and bound my bible again, I mended the introduction and sorted out all the notes I had inside. And you know what, it was actually such a blessing to me. It looked respectable again and ready to be used once more. And 'strangely' enough, I felt as if it 'spoke' to me again. The Lord likes order.

And it is the same with our bodies. If we are His temple, we should make sure that our bodies are in the best condition as it can be. We cannot do with our bodies as we please if we belong to Christ, therefore I am not in favor of tattoos, piercing, smoking etc, because it defiles your temple. We need to look after ourselves and make the most of what the Lord has given to us. He is dwelling in us, and if He likes order, cleanliness and personal hygiene, then we need to shape up and make sure that our temples are nice places to live in. It has to be in the best condition that we can manage to have it in.

There is of course the other side of the coin where people focus too much on themselves and think too highly of themselves, but then we need to go back to the foundation of the house. Is the foundation right? Is the cornerstone right? Is the bricks and cement right? We need to put all these things in order before focusing on ourselves.

We will have a more in depth look as to how we can make sure that we are in the best condition that we can be. But for now know, that it is not sin to look after yourself, you have to. Your temple needs to be holy, because if it is, you will have a much more intimate experience with God. He will enjoy being there and you will love having Him.

Lord Jesus, please help us to look after ourselves. Help us to organize our time in such a way that we have time to look after ourselves and be a lovely temple for You to live in. Amen

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