15. The bricks in our lives (8)

We are currently discussing the ways in making your 'home' here on earth steadfast against any storm it may face. We have discussed making Jesus your foundation and your family your bricks and now we are looking at yourself and how you can also influence the strength of your home.

We have discussed various things and you are welcome to look at what we have discussed thus far. Our discussions have ranged from making the most of the present to rethinking your thought life. The Lord has been gracious in teaching us so much.

Today I would like to talk about the way we wake up in the morning. It might sound ridiculous, but the way we wake up often time influences the rest of our day. There is truth to the saying: 'She most probably got up with the wrong foot this morning.' I must be honest I have experienced it myself. I have had days where I get up in a foul mood, I didn't sleep well, or I am not looking forward to the day ahead or whatever the case may be, and then the rest of the day is down in the dumps. I yell at my kids, I try to compensate, but before I can help myself I do it again. And so the day goes. Sounds familiar?

As I read some of the books on life skills, they seem to reach consensus that you need to wake up slowly and with the most serene thoughts in your head. Now I realize that in our fast paced world that sounds like a fairy tale, something that can never happen. But think about it for a second. Maybe it is not such a bad idea. Set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than usual. Make sure that you have a snooze button ready, just in case you don't wake up. But slowly try to wake your mind and focus on peaceful thoughts. Think about how good the Lord is and how He is already in today and how He will be providing for you. Maybe even quote a scripture out loud. I frequently quote verses to the likes of:

Psalm 31:15"My future is in Your Hands."

Psalm 25:2 "I trust in You my God."

Say it out loud. There is so much power in your tongue, much more than you realize. Be determined to start your day off well. It may even be your best day yet. Or it could be your last. What would you do differently if it was?

As I am writing this piece there is a preacher in the USA saying that tomorrow is the rapture and that the world will come to an end on 21 October 2011. Now I don't believe it is tomorrow, for reasons I don't feel is necessary to disclose now. But it made me think. What if it really is tomorrow? How will I change my behavior today? Will I call my parents and tell them that I love them? Will I reconcile with someone that's angry with me? Will I give away extra money today? Will I be extra friendly to everyone I see today? Will I give my children extra hugs and kisses and tell them that I love them very much?

But then the question remains, shouldn't I do those things anyway? Shouldn't I shower love on all around me anyway? Shouldn't I reconcile with people anyway? Shouldn't I buy a blanket for someone who doesn't have any? Shouldn't we be God's Hands and Feet every day, even if it is not our last?

We need to get up in the mornings with a smile on our faces (and I am talking to myself now as well!!) We need to see the positive and we need to trust God for His provision. This could be our best day yet, don't delay in doing good.

Lord thank you for each wonderful day that You give us. Thank you for so many blessings that lie and wait for us. We cannot wait to discover them. In Jesus name. Amen




















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    Posted Thursday, 23 June 2011 at 1:19:17 PM

    SO TRUE! I had the same thoughts.

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