14. The bricks in our lives (7)

Welcome back. I truly hope that this week you tried to live more in the present moment. I hope you tried to enjoy your life more and find the good in the phase of life you might find yourself in at the moment. The most amazing thing I found from living in the present moment, is the incredible peace that came over me, because if you live in the present, you don't need to worry about the future. After all Jesus said:

Matthew 6:34 "So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries."

We can plan, we can dream, we can save, but we shouldn't worry. The Lord will provide. He is in control.

Now this week I would like to focus our attention on trying to live a more simplistic life. Now I am not saying that we should all return to the dark ages and live lives like monks, but we need to try and simplify our lives. Our lives are so rushed, so busy, our schedules are packed to full capacity, that actually we cannot cope with it all. It becomes too much. We need to try and find a midway. We need to try and release ourselves from some of the commitments we feel we should honor. Our bodies were not designed for the type of stress we are putting ourselves under. We need to learn to say no to certain things. (Isn't it interesting that when we get sick we cannot understand where this sickness comes from? It has been proved that many illnesses are stress related.)

I know we all want to be in the thick of things. We are so scared that we would lose out if we don't attend all the events. And yes I am even talking about church events. You cannot be everywhere all the time and you cannot be everything to everybody. That is Jesus and the Holy Spirit's job. He is the only One that can truly be everything that everyone needs. Your body needs to recuperate and it needs time alone with its Maker.

Of course do what you can, attend what you can, but give yourself a rest.

I was like that at one stage. I just started working, and every single night after work I attended some or other social/church event. I was running around, I never said no to any invitation and I never stopped for a breather. I was everywhere and I tried to be everything for everyone. I felt popular and that I am making headway socially. My voice started to give me trouble because I talked way too much (I know it sounds funny, but later on it was a real problem. It hurt every time I opened my mouth) But did I stop my social calendar? No, I hated not being in the thick of things. I was so sure I will miss something. My parents even advised me to slow down as they realized that it was not good for me to go on like this, but I wouldn't listen. And do you know how the Lord got me to stop? I broke my ankle at a sporting event of the company that I was working for. I had to walk with crutches for 6 weeks and above all I couldn't drive. I was stuck. The Lord brought me to a standstill. I couldn't go anywhere and I couldn't attend all my social engagements. I was devastated. How was I to cope with no schedule, nowhere to go? How was I going to get through this? What is going to happen if I am not everything to everyone? And do you know what happened? Nothing. Most of the 'friends' I spent so much time with called once and didn't bother to call again. They went on with their lives and got someone else to be everything to them. They had a social schedule to attend to.

You see we are not built to go full steam ahead all of the time. We need time to recuperate and allow the Lord to work in our lives. We need time alone with Him to hear His Voice and listen to His Plans for our lives and not simply rush forward. I wonder sometimes what would have happened if the Lord didn't bring me to a standstill? I would most probably have continued that way and I would have missed the special time I had alone with Him. I would have missed His gentle voice telling me of His Plans for me. I would have missed His supernatural guidance in my life. I would have missed Him. And that would have been a tragedy!

The time He brought me to a standstill was one of the best times in my life. I had peace, I didn't feel rushed and I felt physically good (except for my ankle of course, but it healed in due time.)

Focus on what is important in life. Give yourself a rest and look upwards. The Lord will give you the strength to continue and the grace to know His full plans for your life.

Please forgive us for valuing human opinions more than we value You. Please help us to follow Your gentle Voice and to listen to You. Give us the rest we need and help us to stand still once in a while. We love you. In Jesus name. Amen

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    Posted Thursday, 23 June 2011 at 1:15:18 PM

    I can relate to you. I was also very busy in my work as a conference organiser and sometimes worked for fourteen hours on end when a conference was running. I was also brought to a standstill by a big operation that took me out of work for eight weeks. You are right. Take time to be still and listen to HIM.

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