12. Spending time in the Word

Currently I am listening to a couple of teachings of renowned Christian teachers that I look up to. I admire their knowledge of the Word and their way of interpreting it. I enjoy listening to them as I can see that they are very close to the Lord. But the more I listened to them, the more confused I became, as they differ on certain spiritual issues. Of course they all agree on the basics of Christianity, but on other issues, like sicknesses and healing for example, they disagree and each one of them can prove their point of view by using and quoting Scripture. Now this threw my totally off guard, because I believe that the Lord is speaking through them. But how can He be speaking through them, if they differ on certain topics? The God I know is not a God of confusion, but of unity. He wants to unite us in the Spirit and keep us close to Him. He doesn't want all of us to go in different directions and He doesn't want us to become skeptical of one another in the Spirit. There is only one Truth, there cannot be many versions to it.

So this morning I spoke to Him about it as it is bothering me and it was then that the Lord spoke to me.

"Ilze, it is wonderful that you listen to all these teachings, it is wonderful that you want to learn, but tell Me one thing, despite doing bible study through these teachings, how many times have you read the Bible through in your lifetime?"

I turned red. "Once." I admitted.

"Now don't you think you should start reading through the Bible again?"

I realized that He was right. There is nothing wrong with listening to other teachers. There is nothing wrong with attending church, in fact it is a good thing. But one must never neglect the Word of God. The Word of God is the essence of our faith. We should go through it again and again and again. It is so rich in treasures, you will still find something new even if you read it for the 100th time. The Holy Spirit will guide you and teach you and will highlight and reveal something new to you each time.

Now don't understand me wrong, it is great to listen to other teachings! It is great to learn from others, but make sure that you have your Bible in hand. Make sure that you are armed with it and that you know it, in order to know whether the teaching is pure and right. Only then will you not live in confusion, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!

I am ready to go through my Bible once more. And this time I think it is the beginning of many more.

Thank you Father for Your beautiful Word. Thank you that You gave it to us in order to learn and not be left in the darkness. Help us to make time to treasure it in our hearts. Amen

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    Posted Sunday, 14 August 2011 at 7:24:09 PM

    I have bought myself a new Bible, and I started with Paul's letters, and every morning the Lord has spoken to me.I have never heard Him so clearly.

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