3. Step out in faith

Last week we spoke about the terrible time surrounding Moses' birth. Pharaoh ordered that all the newborn Hebrew boys should be drowned in the Nile. Now Moses' parents saw what a beautiful boy he was. And they hid him from the Egyptian warriors for three months. How they did it I don't know, because any newborn baby cries some or other time. I think the Lord blessed their courage and gave them an unusually quiet child. Their act of faith earned them a standing in the 'Hall of faith' in Hebrews:

"It was by faith that Moses' parents hid him for three months. They saw that God had given them an unusual child, and they were not afraid of what the King might do." Hebrews 11:23

Amazing courage and faith. No doubt the Egyptians would have punished them or even killed them if they found out what they did!

Now when Moses got too big to be hidden away anymore, his mother summed up all her courage and put him into a basket made of papyrus reed and placed him on the Nile river. Where she got the idea to do this I don't know, but I believe that the Holy Spirit told her to do it.

Her poor mother's heart must have ached. Anything could have happened to him. A crocodile could have devoured him, the basket could have tipped and he could have drowned, anything was possible. But as the Hebrew writer suggests, she had faith that God would help. She didn't ask questions and she didn't blame God for this situation. She simply did what she could do amidst the evil surrounding her.

As I said last week, we all feel surrounded by evil on a regular basis. I think we also feel like Moses' mother did sometimes. And I think we feel so incompetent to do anything about it. I know I do. But like Moses' mother, we can do the little that God has placed in our hearts in His fight against evil. We should not take revenge in our own hands and we should not blame God, but we can pray. We can pray and intercede for our country and for our family and friends. Not only that, we must help people where we can and we must step out in faith whenever God tells us to. And then we can pray that God take our little efforts and make a big difference with it in His war against evil. All we need to do is be faithful with what He tells us to do.

Lord, help us to step out in faith whenever You require it of us. Give us clear guidance please, so that we know exactly what You want us to do. Lord we pray for our country and we pray that Your Will be done. Intervene in all the evil that is rampant, as we know it doesn't come from You. Please forgive us where we have sinned and help to free our country from any bondage that it might be under. We pray that in Jesus mighty Name. Amen

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