10. Jesus knows how to attract our attention

Moses was faithfully attending his father-in-law's flock of sheep when God decided it was time for Moses to move into his destiny. What is very interesting to me is the way that God appeared to him. He could have appeared to Moses in any way He pleased. He could have spoken to him from the sky like He did with Paul, or He could have given him a dream like He did with Joseph and Solomon, but He didn't. Why? I don't know. The Bible teacher Roger Price thinks it is because God wanted to show Moses that from now on he has got to burn with His energy, not with his own. Moses tried to help the Israelites on his own by killing the Egyptian, but it didn't help. He had to learn that he will only be able to help if it is by God's power, not his own.

This is a plausible reason. Or maybe God simply knew how to attract Moses' attention as Exodus 3:4 seems to suggest:

"When the Lord saw that He had caught Moses' attention, God called to him from the bush, 'Moses! Moses!"

And today God knows how to attract your attention too. God knows you through and through and knows your likes and dislikes. So keep your eyes open to God calling you. It might be in interesting ways you never thought possible.

Another interesting thing I would like to share with you is that the One appearing to Moses here is Jesus. Whenever the Old Testament refers to the 'Angel of the Lord' as it does here in Exodus3:2, you can know it is either a real angel, or it is Jesus if it is clear that the angel is God Himself. It is actually quite interesting to note how many times Jesus actually appeared in the Old Testament. He is the revealed God Head of the Three. I saw a whole book about this topic the other day, so I am not going to expand much more on this, just note this the next time you read the Old Testament.

Also just to add further proof to this statement read John 1:18:

"No one has ever seen God the Father. But His only Son, who is God Himself, is near to the Father's heart; He has told us about Him."

So God the Father has never been seen. So all the time God appeared to someone in the Old Testament it couldn't have been the Father like I believed most of my life, no, it was Jesus Himself. He has always been present and today He is more present than ever with His precious Blood pleading our innocence before God the Father.

Thank you Jesus, thank you for Your presence every single day. Thank you for Your promise that You will be with us every day until the end of the earth. We praise Your mighty Name. Amen

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