12. God will use you just as you are

The Lord appeared to Moses and offered him the chance to lead His people out of Egypt. The time had come for the Lord to present Moses with his breakthrough. His training had been completed and the Lord was pleased with him. He had continued to be faithful in the small things and the time had come for the Lord to exalt him to bigger things.

But as we saw last week Moses was scared and he tried to squirm his way out of this task the best he could. He made every excuse he could. And the one that is quite funny to me really is when Moses said:

"But Moses pleaded with the Lord, 'O Lord, I'm just not a good speaker. I never have been, and I am not now, even after You have spoken to me. I am clumsy with words." Exodus 4:10

Now God didn't answer him here; "O you are right Moses. Sorry I forgot all about your speaking impairment. You will never be able to do it, you are right. Sorry about bothering you, I will be on My way. Bye." No! God knew about his speaking impairment, but He also knew that with His power, there will be no speaking impairment anymore. He answered him as follows:

"Who makes mouths?" the Lord asked him. "Who makes people so they can speak or not speak, hear or not hear, see or not see? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go, and do as I have told you. I will help you speak well, and I will tell you what to say." Exodus 4:11, 12

God uses our weaknesses to prove that He is God. He is the mighty One who can overcome anything and make a success out of it! Paul confirmed this when he said that he will boast only in his weaknesses, because then God's power can be revealed through it.

When God has called you, don't look at your weaknesses. Don't look at all the things you are not, but look up to Him and His infinite power! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. All things! When God has called you, you are the perfect person for the job, just as you are. Trust Him to use you just as you are! God doesn't make mistakes.

But I need to warn you of one thing, if you are going to keep on resisting God's calling on your life and keep on resisting it, He might just decide to use someone else. I have seen that happen in my own life. To cut a long story short the Lord wanted me to perform a dance at church on a specific song and I kept on making excuses why I wasn't the right person to do it. It went on for months on end and at the end of the day I attended church one morning and there was a lovely girl performing a dance on exactly the same song!! The same version, everything. I resisted too long and the Lord decided to use someone else.

Moses might have protested and groaned, but then he started to move and God blessed him for doing that. Friends, God doesn't make mistakes. He made you exactly as you are for the task He has before you. Step out in faith and move when the time has come.

Lord thank you for making us perfect. Thank you that we are just right for the task You have before us. Give us the energy to move when You say the time has come. Amen

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