14. God is with us

Before I continue with Moses' life, I would just like to pause for today. Have you ever wished that God would appear to you like He did to Moses? I mean it must have been quite a sight! God speaking through a fire to you, wow! I sometimes find myself wishing that God would appear to me like that. Then it would be so easy to know His Will and what He wants me to do, wouldn't it? Then things will be straight forward and I can proceed along the path He directs me to.

Or wouldn't it be great if God can appear to you like He did to Abraham? I mean God literally came down to Abraham's tent and spoke to him. Or what if He can call you with an audible Voice like He did Samuel? Or what if He can appear to you like an Angel as He did to Gideon? Wouldn't that be wonderful? We can all then move out in faith, because we are convinced of what God told us. God then reminded me of two things:

  1. The people in the Old Testament didn't have the inspired Word of God. They didn't have a Bible to read to know what they should do. They had no way of knowing which way to turn. Today we have this precious gift, but unfortunately we tend to take the Bible for granted, so much so that we sometimes don't even glance at it. Friends, the Bible is the breath and the very words of God. When you read it, it is as if God is personally speaking to you. There is power in the Word of God. No wonder Paul calls it our Sword in Ephesians. It is as sharp as any two edged sword, it cuts deep and in all ways possible. And we need to use it. I have experienced it myself now. I must be honest, I never used to read a lot of the Bible. A verse here and there yes, but I didn't know the Bible. And since I started with my study of it, it didn't only widen my perspective on Biblical events, I felt it drawing me closer and closer to God. I now feel a connection with Him I never did before. I battle to breathe if I didn't spend time in it every day.
  2. The people of the Old Testament didn't have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. The Holy Spirit did take hold of certain people, but it was only for a specific task and then He left them. It was never permanent. It was only after Jesus had ascended up into Heaven that the Holy Spirit came to indwell us on a permanent basis. We now have the privilege of the Lord living with us on a daily basis! He doesn't need to appear to us in a burning bush, He is already here with us! Always! He is inside of us giving us guidance every step of the way. All we need to do is to be open to His leading and open to His teaching. Our spiritual ears need to be open, then we will hear Him loud and clear.

God is with us. He is speaking in His Word and through His Spirit. We are in a much better position than the Old Testament Saints were! They had a Word now and again from God, but we have it all the time! Don't take this gift for granted. Don't become blasé over the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Beware of treating them with familiarity and degrading the amazing Power that is available to you! Treat both with the respect and awe they deserve, and you will find yourself breathing spiritually for the first time. You will find your spiritual ears opening and you will clearly know which way to turn. Give them your time and energy and feel the difference it will make!

Thank you for Your precious Word and Your Holy Spirit living within us. We can't function without either of them. Thank you for this precious gift, we love You. Amen

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    Posted Friday, 27 July 2012 at 4:57:54 PM

    WOW! I never thought of it this way. Thank you for sharing with us.

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