16. God will send help

Moses was on his way back to Egypt! I sometimes wonder how nervous he must have been. All he had was God's Word and his staff to perform miracles. That was it! That must have been nerve recking! Fortunately for him God made sure that Aaron met him at the mountain of God, the same mountain where Moses would receive the ten commandments and give it to 2 million Hebrew slaves later on!

The fact that Aaron met him there as God had promised must have been very comforting. The first part of God's promises was coming to pass. Now he could most undoubtedly believe that the rest will come to pass as well. I think it was a huge relief to him. Plus two is always better than one, isn't it? I think Moses got more confidence because Aaron was there.

And I would like to commend Aaron here as well. I always wonder how did God let Aaron know that he should meet Moses at the mountain of the Lord? Through a dream, a vision, or did an angel appear to him? As far as Aaron knew Moses could have been dead by now. He had been gone for 40 years! I think Aaron was quite surprised to learn from God that Moses was still alive! Plus, Aaron has never been outside of Egypt. How did he know how to get to the mountain of the Lord? Today with GPS and Smartphones it is very easy, but for Aaron it must have been a challenge. And not only that, how on earth did he get out of Egypt? Have you ever wondered about that? They were slaves to Pharaoh, basically like prisoners, how did he manage to get out without being seen? I would love to ask the Lord one day. God definitely helped him. God must have shown him a secret way out, He must have led him either by angels, or by a light, we simply don't know. But what was important was that Aaron followed. He listened to God and he went. And God later rewarded him for it by making him the first High Priest of the Levitical priesthood. He was honored above all, and I believe it was due to his obedience.

We need to be obedient too, even if everything looks to the contrary all around us. We should be obedient to take the first step. Aaron took the first step and God led him right to Moses, and Moses took the first step and God led him to Aaron and together they were a formidable team.

Ask God to send people along the way to help you in what He has told you to do. In my own life I can testify to this. The Lord wanted me to organize a ladies morning in honor of His Name early next year. He wanted a morning to glorify Him and proclaim His Mighty Name. I was ready to do it, but questions kept gnawing at the back of my head, like where will I get enough ladies to come, how will I organize everything on my own, where will it be, will it cost too much etc etc. I was becoming nervous and didn't know whether I should push through and still do it. But I decided, by God's grace I might add, to push through and take the first step and start to organize it, with all the questions still swimming in my mind. And the Lord led me to a wonderful charity organization, Caring Daisies, and they agreed to help with the function. In one swoosh all my questions were answered. We got a wonderful venue for free, I now have a committee of 12 amazing ladies to help me and amongst us we have more than enough contacts to sell all the tickets with plenty to spare! The Lord is good, He led me to the right people. And he can do it for you too. Ask Him for guidance and ask Him to lead you to the right people in your life, but remember, you must take the first step!

Amazing wonderful God. Thank you that You have plenty of help planned along the way if we would only trust in You and take the first step. Please give us the courage to stand up and do it. In Jesus Name. Amen

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